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Funny / The King and I

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  • The "Shall We Dance" number, also counts as a moment of heartwarming.
  • "Evil eye! Evil eye!"
  • Just about all the King's kids have their moments.
    • Just as the kids have finished entering in their grand march and are bowing, one final kid hurries in, scrambles between the King's spread legs, and bows to him. He picks them up and positions them with the rest of the kids.
  • "Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!"
  • "Unless someday somebody trusts somebody/there'll be nothing left on Earth/excepting fishes."
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  • Anna shows she's not just a delicate flower with her deadpan response to the King saying she doesn't look old enough to be a teacher.
    "I am one hundred and fifty years old, your Majesty."
  • The Kings' wives get dressed up in traditional Western dresses with crinoline skirts for the banquet. They still try to do their usual bowing when Anna enters the room, meaning that the skirts flare up. It would have been a Panty Shot except the wives didn't wear underwear. Anna's Jaw Drop just sells it.
  • When the ambassador arrives, the wives are put off by his beard - "He has the head of a goat! He will kill us all!" - and run screaming from the room. Anna looks mortified.


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