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Fridge Brilliance

Blotting out the Sun actually makes perfect sense... for the machines, thus further supporting the interpretation of the narrator of The Second Renaissance segment being a case of an Unreliable Narrator. If the machines block out the Sun, they can use geothermal/nuclear/wind/etc power to replace solar. Humanity on the other hand has no real choice but to die off by the billions. As a plan by the humans for stopping the machine uprising, it makes no sense. As a plan by the machines for committing genocide against humanity, it's pure brilliance.
  • However, it's clearly stated by Morpheus in the first movie that it was indeed humanity that scorched the sky.
  • I also belive humanity scorched the sky. However Morpheus is hardly a reliable narator, or atleast not a terribly well informed one. In the second film we discover that he was missing a lot of information and was being deliberatly misled.

Fridge Logic

How did the Machines manage to recover so quickly from a nuclear bombardment and manage to conquer a large chunk of the world in short order afterwards? It's clearly shown that they didn't use things like Sentinels before Operation: Dark Storm was initiated, and their older models are said to have been easily destroyed by humanity's weapons. So how did that happen?

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