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Fridge Brilliance

  • Rusty idolizes Red, and apparently, he's looked at as being a genuine hero in-universe. However, given the way Red behaves in other Dorkly videos, and if you believe all Dorkly videos are canon in some way, it's easy to see part of the reason why Rusty is so clueless and destructive most of the time.
    • It's doubtful considering how most of those versions of Red are usually either just as incompetent or as callous as Rusty when it comes to handling pokemon. In the latter's story, Red actually seems a boatload more competent than his other Dorkly incarnations. Definitely more overkill when it comes to dealing with Team Rocket, but then again they act more in common with an actual crime syndicate than in the original games so lethal force against them is arguably justified.
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  • It makes sense for Past Rusty to be the one to undo the damage caused by Rusty's stupidity: There was no one else who could match Rusty's unpredictability except himself.
  • Rusty being a pretty warped individual makes sense when you consider that he grew up with just his folks and thus has No Social Skills.
  • So by making Deli Rusty work in the deli he actually became the greatest Pokemon-Trainer as he got a loyal Perfect Bidoof.... Original Rusty was telling the truth without even knowing it!
  • Rusty and Deli Rusty actually serves as an interesting parallel regarding attitudes and environments. In prison, when Rusty is complimented for his cookings, he accepts it, but notes that if he "wanted to serve bad meat to worse men", he would've stayed at home and later expresses that he "hates cold cuts". Given the reputation of how customer service and food service representatives being mistreated, this would explain why Rusty would not pursue the culinary arts despite being good at them and sees being a Pokemon Trainer as more fulfilling. But the point is more that he wants to find something worthwhile in his life and be the best. His parents' attitudes reinforce this subtly given their reactions to the outside Pokemon world and trying to push him to make something better, albeit in a pressuring manner
    • Contrast this with Deli Rusty. Both were the same until Rusty met his younger counterpart. What convinced the younger Rusty to become Deli Rusty? Rusty telling him that he will succeed in his goals and endeavors if he stays home. Deli Rusty receiving affirmation from himself that deli life will be worth it and achieve it, it's why he is better able to remain at the deli and be more well-adjusted. Deli Rusty found self-acutalization not just in remaining at the deli, but at the encouragement from his original counterpart, which led to a healthier mental state and likely why he gets a Karmic Jackpot.

Fridge Horror

  • When Rusty meets the Elite Four, they state that he cannot challenge them without eight badges. Rusty calls for his Super Bidoof Peanut Butter who then appears with a bloody sack full of badges. He the state that all of the badges in Kanto from any trainers that held them were in the sack. The thing is that Peanut Butter's choice of words is very vauge and from his words could mean any gym leader that give out badges and thus holds them, or literally ANY trainer in Kanto with Pokemon badges, including trainers that won them from Pokemon gyms.


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