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Fridge Horror

  • Why was Stacy going back and forth between being Vanessa's friend and her enemy? Why did she pretend to make up with her when she repeatedly stabbed her in the back?
    • Cynically, she was just a Manipulative Bitch who loved the idea of playing with Vanessa's feelings like that. Stacy being the Alpha Bitch clearly loved to have people to control and manipulate. Or if you want to look at it more charitably, she was conflicted. She could have been torn between her loyalty to her old friend and then her position as leader of the girls. She starts the bullying because of Nikki's influence, so she could be doing it because she's scared of Nikki.
  • Why did Nikki decide to turn against Vanessa after she and her group saw Tony talking to Vanessa? Did that give her a reason to bully her because she was jealous of her?
    • Stacy liked Tony but he had no interest in her, finding Vanessa to be nicer and more appealing. Since the girls are supposed to be best friends, Vanessa was blamed for Tony liking her. The other two considered it Vanessa's fault for 'stealing' Tony away from Stacy.
  • What kind of kid records a girl being carted into an ambulance? It's revealed that everyone that saw the video was laughing at Vanessa for nearly dying.
    • Teens Are Monsters. Nikki is quite clearly a very disturbed girl and must have got a rush out of seeing that she had that much power over Vanessa. For what it's worth, it seems that only Nikki and Ezra found the idea funny. Given that Tiffany is a desperate wannabe - and she's easily disarmed when Vanessa walks into school - she may have been faking to go along with Nikki.
  • Why aren't the kids being punished for bullying Vanessa? Vanessa's suicide attempt should have been enough to get the parents' attention.
    • Truth in Television sadly. Teachers rarely catch bullying in action. A lot of what the girls did to Vanessa was psychological. They made nasty comments to her and manipulated her. And a lot of abuse came from the online chat room, which teachers wouldn't really know about. For what it's worth, the principal does take action when Vanessa's mother prints off their messages and shows them to her. Nikki, Ezra and Tiffany are outed as the culprits and threatened with suspension. It's possible that their parents either don't know or else don't believe their innocent little darlings could do such a thing.

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