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  • Ass Pull: Stacy shows genuine remorse and sympathy for Vanessa's suicide attempt. The fake IM conversation they have towards the end, that pushes Vanessa to finally call her out, is a complete 180 and more like something Nikki would do.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Given how Nikki is clearly a functioning sociopath, Stacy's participation in the bullying could be brought on by fear of what Nikki would do to her if she didn't take part.
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    • How much of a "Nice Guy" was Tony? While he did have mutual feelings for Vanessa, he also was quick to believe Stacy's lies about her betraying his confidence and sat back and said/did nothing throughout all of the hate campaign that her ex-friends and others waged against her (in spite of him being at the root of their rift). He didn't even figure back into the plot until he was seen applauding Vanessa when she told Stacy off at the end. Not to mention that his introduction into the film was engaging in a fight with Ezra.
  • Awesome Moments:
    • Vanessa walking into school after recovering from her suicide attempt. What sells it is that she sees Tiffany and cheerfully calls out hello to her - and you see Tiffany looking terrified.
    • Vanessa caps it off by walking straight up to Nikki, saying hello and staring her straight in the eyes. Nikki eventually has to look away and backs off.
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    • And of course "you have nothing that I want."
  • Designated Villain: Denise Larson, Stacy's mother. Granted, she was somewhat of a snob and was a part of the overwhelming Adults Are Useless dynamic of the film, but keep in mind, she wasn't an active force in defusing the situation because she believed the lies her daughter gave her about Vanessa. At different points, both of her parents mention what a good girl Vanessa is and she even accurately asked if the heart of the argument between the two of them was the boy, Tony, that she liked (which it was, as well as the girls' jealousy of Vanessa and Nikki's manipulation), only for Stacy to lie to her again and continue to demonize her.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Elizabeth Rice is held out as one of the more impressive cast members, purely because of how evil she made Nikki. Even now when she's moved onto different roles, she'll still be complimented on her performance here.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Nikki and Tiffany cross it when they laugh at Vanessa's suicide attempt.
  • Narm:
    • After discovering her friends have stood her up for a party, Vanessa has a Despair Event Horizon. The scene would be effective if not for a random shot of her mother pouring honey from a teddy bear jar into a cup. It's in slow motion too.
    • Vanessa's Traumatic Haircut is lessened by the obvious wig Alexa Vega is wearing for the rest of the film.
    • Some of the insults lobbied at Vanessa are so over-the-top and lame that you can't help but laugh or at least snicker and roll your eyes. Examples include some the IM messages sent to her as seen through Freeze-Frame Bonus ("How much is that doggie in the window? Woof-woof!", "That biyotch is a biyotch!", "She looks like she got hit with an ugly forest", etc.) and, of course, Nikki and Tiffany's Piss-Take Rap at the cafe.
  • Positive Discrimination: All the bullies, sans for one dark skinned girl, are white while Emily and the principal who end up helping Vanessa are black. Vanessa's mother is also Hispanic.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The film is very Anvilicious but if the cases of Phoebe Prince and other bullied students are anything to go by then something has to be done about bullying. Vanessa was lucky that her suicide attempt didn't work and that she had people that wanted to help her.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: It's very obvious this is a mid-2000s work. While it does touch on cyber bullying, the taunts are delivered via a website set up to humiliate Vanessa and instant messages. In fact one of the reasons the principal can't take harsher action on the bullies is because she can't prove their identities via the screen names. The fact that there's not a mention of Facebook is very telling. Especially since one of the stunts involves telling Vanessa there's a party on somewhere when there isn't; in the days where anything is done with an event invite, Vanessa likely would have caught on to the ruse. Finally Vanessa is filmed being taken into an ambulance by a guy using a video camera rather than a smartphone.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Stacy is meant to be seen as the worst of the lot because she switches between having sympathy for Vanessa and taking part in the bullying. Except she's shown to genuinely get shocked by Vanessa's suicide attempt and she comes across as a victim of Nikki's manipulation. While it doesn't excuse her role in the bullying, Nikki was arguably more deserving of a verbal smackdown at the end than Stacy.

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