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Fridge / Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja

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Fridge Logic

  • Naruto is the only one who has a different name in the alternate universe.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Akatsuki seem toned down in this movie, and they are. The first batch are Zetsu clones with none of the originals' abilities. The second group inside the Limited Tsukiyomi are good guys, so they don't have their more immoral powers, ie no human puppets for Sasori, no Mangekyo for Itachi, etc.
  • The reason the events of the film only last a night in the real world is because Naruto and Sakura were in a Tsukiyomi, which has a time dilation effect.
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  • Menma has been described as rather rebellious. Considering the numerous times we've seen Kushina hit and threaten Naruto, it's no wonder Menma turned out the way he did.
  • While they don't seem ill willed towards Sakura or abusive by any means, Sakura implies that her parents always treat her this way (i.e. belittling her and telling her she's doing things wrong) which, combined with how she was bullied as a kid, could easily be part of why she was so repressed in the beginning of the series and possibly why she didn't train particularly hard back then as well. Being belittled, even jokingly, could easily damage her self esteem and make her feel inadequate or even dumb, which could also explain why she lashed out so much at Naruto back then.

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