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Fridge Brilliance:

Fridge Horror:

There is a great deal in this series that could keep one tossing and turning at night if thought about too much.

  • Unless it's a huge, and extremely improbable coincidence, how the heck did the makers of the MMO Cross Reverie have enough knowledge about the world to make a workable replica with identical mechanics, people, and places? And why would a summoning ritual target a player?
  • As a player character for Cross Reverie, Diablo has fought other Demon Kings, most especially, Demon King of The Brain, Enkvalous. Considering what we know of Krebskrum, and that these other Kings are supposed to be fragments of Krebskrum, one has to wonder how many bloodlines were wiped out to unleash them.
    • The above only applies if all the "fragments" were sealed in members of the races. Volume 7 reveals that some, like Cardia, were sealed in the land.
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  • How did Rem know that killing the summoner/slaveholder causes the slave choker to disappear? Either she saw it happen, or it's so frequent that it's common knowledge.
  • Galford. He's at level 120. The only other person that over-leveled is Diablo, who is level 150. Diablo was brought into the world by being summoned, and he avoided the slave collar only because the ritual rebounded. Galford has no choker, so either he came into the world some other way, or he killed the one who summoned him. Rem specifically mentions that the slave chokers disappear if the slaveholder dies, just after she found herself with one.
    • This is unlikely, as Galford being level 120 doesn't mean he was summoned, only that he was skilled enough to get that strong.
    • The above poster is correct. Diablo mentions early on that one reason everyone is so weak in this world is because, unlike in a game, they only have one chance at life. Therefore, if they're killed attempting to level up they die for good. This leads to most people only focusing on living their lives instead of gathering more and more strength. This doesn't change the fact that anyone could eventually reach a high level if they took the time to focus on doing so.
  • The summoning ritual is random in both the game and the world. Rem and Shera could easily have found themselves bound to someone far less benevolent. This makes them falling head over heels in love with Diablo so quickly a lot less heartwarming in hindsight, though it's still justified as he is treating them as spouses, with genuine love, tenderness, and respect, treasuring their thoughts, feelings, and well-being far more than his own.
  • The Greenwood Kingdom. As squicktastic as Brother–Sister Incest usually is, Celsior specifically tells Shera that bearing the next heir, her brother's child, is her sacred duty, and Galford implies that a force of 100 elves is a major part of the Elven army (expecting the complete destruction of the 200 injured elves to immediately bring about the elven kingdom's surrender), with every single elf being raised for combat, specifically archery, ambush, and guerrilla warfare. In addition, Shera notes that conceiving children is not easy for elven women. This brings about some rather unsettling conclusions. At the top of the list: 1) The population of elves has fallen to the point where elves have to resort to incest to propagate their race. 2) Elves are already so heavily inbred that miscarriage, among other defects, plague their offspring to the point that the very viability of their race is in serious question.
    • Volume 7 hints at the latter as the only way for inter-species breeding to happen is if two members wear the Wedding Rings that we saw in episode 1. In the game, they're merely useless trinkets, whereas in this world, it allows for Shera (and Rem) to justify marrying Diablo as they can sire his children because of them.
  • The church of the Divine Beings. They have a total of 13 Holy Knights, each and every one of them inflicted with Moral Sociopathy, who are so radically militant that they make the atrocities of the Spanish Inquisition, and the Crusades at their darkest combined look like child's play by comparison. In order to fulfill their mandate to root out Demon King Worshipers, they have carte blanche to declare anyone and everyone "guilty" on a whim, and then torture them into confessing, regardless of any plausibility of actual guilt, and not only see nothing wrong with bathing entire towns in the blood of their citizens, but don't even bother to try to hide it. The only reason why they get away with it is that they're so strong, the human kingdom, with thousands of knights, just barely balance the power of a single "Holy Knight" thus making the king reluctant to challenge any of them. One has to wonder what kind of training these "Holy Knights" go through to both make them that powerful and that crazy. It also begs the question of why the church wants its super-soldiers to be that unstable.
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  • Diablo notes very early that while using MP in the MMO is no issue, he suffered serious side-effects from using magic in the new world. Namely a brief blackout when he found himself in the same bed as Rem and Shera, after being attacked by Galak, and then a massive 10 day bout of apathy bordering on clinical depression after the fight with the 100-Fallen army and Gregor. And again a four-day bout of apathy after the fight with the Force Hydra, the elven kingdom, and Galford. Considering that magic is used frequently, especially by summoners, and that numerous high-level (relatively speaking) magic using characters are somewhat unhinged, if not outright homicidal, one has to wonder if the sanity of the general public isn't always hanging by a thread, even without the Fallen threat.
  • Slavery exists, and numerous characters note when Shera and Rem first arrive in town with the chokers, caused by a summoning ritual accident, that people can be enslaved by force by someone stronger than they are. While Medios does somewhat run her establishment ethically, there are illegal slavers in existence, as bandits have accosted Rem and Shera before, calling them "goods". Further, When Medios sees Alicia escorting Diablo, she immediately protests that her ethical slave shop has done nothing illegal. This in turn means that illegal and unethical slave shops exist, and Medios is aware that slave abuse exists, even if it is a felony to do so.
    • When the Gelmudo Empire shows up, they reveal all the horrors slavery brings to the table, as they see nothing wrong with enslaving every last citizen of the cities they conquer, and making a lie of Aria's promises of mercy when she asks people to surrender without resistance.

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