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Fridge / Hitman: Blood Money

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Fridge Brilliance

  • There is a mission where 47 can disguise himself as a priest and officiate a shotgun wedding. Silent Assassin had him living with a priest.
  • One of the missions has guards grow extremely suspicious of running in the mansion, but it's completely accepted outside due to it raining.
  • In Blood Money (and even in a few of the other games like Codename 47), have you ever noticed when walking around disguised or not, that every NPC in your immediate vicinity will turn their head to follow you as you walk? This could be Hand Waved by applying 47's mode of thinking to what the player sees: In 47's mind, every other NPC he encounters save the target(s) could potentially be either a witness or an attacker, therefore he makes sure he stays out of their actual and potential line of sight, hence the moving heads.
    • Equally possible is that he's such an intimidating figure, he's just naturally attention-grabbing and that's why disguises aren't necessarily all that effective.
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  • When other assassins are sent after 47, they will instantly see through his disguise. If they operate anything like 47, they were either briefed on his appearance or researched what he looked like before their mission. They wouldn't be fooled by his disguise, unlike every other target/civilian who didn't know 47 was in town.
  • The ridiculous headlines in other languages make sense in the higher ratings, because the only people who don't believe your Silent Assassin kills are accidents are the tabloids.
  • The fact that, before playing "You Better Watch Out", Jack complains how the mission was a failure despite the fact they had an agent ready and waiting, is an early hint as to both the female assassin who will try and kill you in this level as well as the fact that Jack is the leader of the Franchise.

Fridge Logic

  • Why does Pinecone rehabilitation center use Metal detectors instead of frisking with hands? There's nothing preventing the patients from smuggling in drugs/alcohol. While the targets probably bribed the staff, 47 can carry in 4 syringes of unknown substance without being properly checked for them.
    • Well, it's not an actual rehabilitation center. It's a safe house for mobsters laying low. There's even been statements that guys who came into the clinic came out as alcoholics due to there being nothing to do in the place but lie back and indulge.

Fridge Horror

  • In "Curtains Down", you can swap out the prop gun for a real gun, which the actor playing the executioner will use to kill Alvaro D'Alvade for you. Now imagine how traumatizing that would be for the poor actor.
    • Seeing what a irredeemable child-raping scumbag D'Alvade is, I say the actor's trauma is worth it. The real horror is whether the actor would be blamed for the murder.
  • The "Retrieve Microfilm" objective in "A New Life". People usually focus on the fact that if 47 kills Vinnie's wife to get the microfilm, their kids will be orphaned. However, not killing her may be no better. Let's look at the two options, shall we?
    • A) 47 kills her to get the microfilm. The kids will be traumatized, are taken in by the child protection services, and put in a foster home.
    • B) 47 obtains the microfilm without killing her. Now she is an alcoholic single mom. Let's face it, chances are that the kids are taken in by child protection services anyway. The only difference is that they'd have to live with an alcoholic mother before this happens.
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    • So it's possible that killing her could be the better option, as her kids would be taken to foster care instantly. They either lose both their parents but grow up in a loving home, or lose one parent and grow up in a broken one. Which one is worse, one quick traumatic event or years of passive neglect?
      • I wouldn't count on them finding a loving home, mate. The American adoption system's not exactly the créme de a créme.
    • There's still (possibly) older siblings or (on their mother's side) uncles, aunts or grandparents to take them in.
    • And assuming that the girl is a college student rather than a tween, she can become the legal guardian of her baby brother.

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