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  • Fridge Logic — The Downer Ending makes no sense. They thought the virus was airborne because one woman had it without coming in contact with the blood, but they threw out that theory because it turned out that she was on the same subway. Then Sekiguchi at the end thinks that the virus must mutate because the woman showed symptoms later than the "first" victim did. Of course she did...she caught it from him at the subway when he was at the end of the period of illness and close to death. Yamada couldn't have caught it from her because he already had the symptoms, so saying that he caught it from her and the virus mutated and showed earlier just..makes no sense. Yes, Sekiguchi, it actually IS the end.
    • On the other hand, in Outbreak, the host monkey had the virus mutate and was carrying both strains, the one that required bodily fluid exchange and the airborne one. So it is possible for the office lady to have been infected by Yamada, then the virus mutating and becoming airborne inside her, making her the Patient Zero for the new strain.


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