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Fridge / EarthBound Beginnings

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Power of Love. Most examples turn "love" into magic sparkles or beams made of hearts in a very cheesy way, but in this game you literally defeat your enemy with the actual feeling of love. You short-circuit Giegue's Kill All Humans programming by reminding him of the human who loved him as her own child. And in case you haven't noticed, that is also why the game is called Mother.
  • Here's one that applies to the first two: Take a look at the names of the female leads. Now put them together. Paula-Ana. Pollyanna is the main theme of the series!
    • Polly is a common nickname for Mary or Maria.
  • I initially wondered why an Earth served as the logo of the series, since it seemed rather dissimilar to the title of series (which may have been why it was called Earthbound elsewhere). Then I realized it was very obvious-Mother Earth! What could possibly be a better symbol of nurturing, life, and maternal themes? -Blueflame 724
  • The Onyx Hook is found after battling a fish.

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