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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Pocahontas in this category? Because she's the chief's daughter, the Native American version of a princess.
    • Technically her people had no princesses per say but she was presented as one to the English in real life. In the sequel she even refers to herself as a "visiting princess".
    • In a similar vein, in the Mulan sequel, Mulan is referred to as "The hero of China. A bigger jewel in any crown than any three mere princess" (paraphrased from memory)
Fridge Horror
  • While only vaguely implied in the film itself, one must remember the time period and setting at which The Princess And The Frog takes place. Tiana is still going to be plagued by very overt racism, systematic oppression, rape, murder at the hands of the KKK, and pretty much many horrors for many more decades. America wasn't a friendly place at that time for a "woman of her background."
    • A bit meta, but Tiana was also, in early scripts and concept art, essentially a chamber maid of Charlotte, not a restaurant worker. Let that sink in. Disney originally wanted their first Afro-American be a slave. To make matters worse, her name wasn't the rather beautiful Tiana. It was "Maddy", a classical slave name. Luckily a brief outrage from a leaked early script made Disney back away from all these things.

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