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Fridge / Black Mirror: Black Museum

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series Four
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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Nish is shown waiting for the museum to open... first, she tries the door, and then wanders away, presumably to kill time. In reality, she was sabotaging the air conditioning, putting her plan in motion.
    • Haynes describes the museum as "if it did something bad, it's probably in here" — like him.
    • Amongst the many details of the stories that return in the ending, one that is easy to overlook is the poison from Dawson's story being used to kill Rolo.
    • Why did Nish fake a British accent? Easy: an American Black Woman may have been aware of the racist nature of the "main exhibit," putting Rolo on guard.
    • Nish taking Carrie's doll with her. As Nish is also adept at the cognitive technology, it's implied that she's going to help Carrie by somehow improving her current situation.
  • Fridge Horror:
    • Is it possible that Clayton and Carrie weren't the only living exhibits inside the museum? And if they aren't, is it possible that burning down the museum at the end didn't kill them?
  • Fridge Logic:
    • Why does Rolo have visitors go through a metal detector and check their bags? Because after activists scared away most of the customers by protesting about the treatment of Clayton's digital clone, his remaining clients were sadists, racists, and other dangerous people on the edges of society — the type of people likely to carry weapons with them. Rolo doubtlessly had one too many visitors threaten him with bodily harm after they tried to electrocute Clayton beyond the 10-second time limit.