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Headscratchers / Black Mirror: Black Museum

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  • Is there a large delay between when someone electrocutes the cookie of Clayton Leigh and when they can do it again? If not, then why would anyone pay extra money for a few extra seconds electrocuting him when they could just stop and start again for the same effect? And if so, wouldn't only one person being able to throw the switch, say, every few hours before it's turned off have made it a pretty lame tourist attraction?
    • There is a time limit for one session to prevent the simulated electrocution from "frying his synapses". As for time limits between sessions, that is possible. But it might actually be merely minutes instead of hours. Between sessions, there might even be some kind of restorative function in the software. The reason Clayton became a vegetable was due to exceeding the time limit and causing permanent damage.
    • It's probably like accelerating or something; if you hit the gas from 0 for 10 seconds, you might make it to 30mph. If you then brake completely, even for a second, and hit the gas for 10 seconds again, you'll still only reach 30mph. Whereas if you accelerate continuously for 15 seconds, you could reach 45mph — the sadists aren't there for how long they can torture him, they're there for how much pain they can put him in.
  • Shortly after arriving at the museum, Rolo inspects Nish's bag and has her walk through a metal detector. How did he, the inventor of the technology, not recognize the consciousness-transference device that Nish later used to seal his fate?
    • First off, Rolo wasn't the inventor, he was "recruitment" for the R&D people who invented it. As to how he didn't recognize it; maybe he just didn't see it. The device itself is the size of a coin. Nish could have hidden it inside a container or among the metal items she put in the tray before walking through the metal detector. Besides which, Rolo wasn't even looking for it in the first place; he was looking for weapons like knives and firearms. I doubt the thought of someone uploading his consciousness inside one of his exhibits had ever occurred to him.
  • How did Nish's mom get inside Carrie's monkey? Did she transfer her sometime during her visit? Was she already in there?
    • She wasn't there and never was.
    • She's sharing Nish's mind. It should be pretty clear since we get to see the POV of her driving and putting on shades.
  • Considering her consciousness was digitized, why was Carrie not uploaded to either San Junipero, or to a body which could allow her some degree of autonomy? Even just one able to express five emotions would have been a big step. After all, we've already seen that it's possible to transfer her from one body to another, and it's not like Rolo couldn't have gotten the same effect from simply implanting some mechanism to make the monkey speak without her.
    • Maybe because the law wasn't grandfathered to include her.
    • It's possible she could be transferred to a different body, but I guess no one cared about her enough to do that. Especially after Rolo got his hands on the monkey. Presumably, Nish would give her a better place.
    • It's heavily implied that Jack had stopped caring about the monkey by the time Parker did, to the point where it's entirely possible they would all eventually forget the monkey's true purpose and begin seeing as just another toy, especially since Carrie was only able to communicate very simplistically through standard toy phrases. And only Jack, his new girlfriend Emily, and Rolo knew what the monkey actually was to be able to even ask someone to upload Carrie somewhere else — Rolo simply didn't care enough to do so, Emily just wanted Carrie gone, and Jack had clearly lost interest.
      • Personally, I can thoroughly believe that either Emily got in touch with Rolo at some point after Parker had lost interest in the monkey and had given it back to him to get rid of Carrie for good, or that the monkey was simply passed on through yard sales and such as just another toy until eventually Rolo got hold of it again, recognising it for what it was.
    • Does this episode even happened in the same universe than San Junipero's? Black Mirror is an antology series of self-contain episodes ala The Twilight Zone, why to think two episodes happen in the same fictional universe?
      • Nish mentions old people being uploaded to the cloud.
    • Most likely, by the time San Junipero came online, the toy monkey was already an exhibit in the museum. And Rolo doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd bother to transfer Carrie out of the toy, if he even thought about it at all.
  • Why does Jack get to decide what happens to Carrie at all? They apparently never married (Rolo refers to Jack as her "partner"), so legally any decisions about what to do with Carrie while she's in a coma should be made by her parents or surviving relatives. And let's not get started on Jack's new girlfriend Emily having a vote in whether or not to transfer Carrie's consciousness into the toy monkey...
  • An unexplored aspect of the episode is what legal rights Carrie has after her consciousness is transferred out of her comatose body. She's not considered dead, so would she be able to enter a contractual agreement while in Jack's mind? If she's considered alive, then isn't putting her "on pause" (especially for weeks on end) a form of imprisonment or abuse?
  • Did the tourists who gleefully executed Clayton understood that he was a living digital replica of the original person? Or did they think it was all an elaborate simulation, like performing "magic" at Universal Studios' The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?