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Fridge / A Sound of Thunder

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  • Fridge Logic:
    • How would the bio-filter have prevented the change in the timeline? While its functionality is not explained, it's implied it simply filters out the matter that should go through the portal with the matter that shouldn't. However, the butterfly is already dead by the point, and it's the butterfly's death that causes the change, not its crushed body ending up in the future.
      • Possibly its effects would have extended to blocking anything alive from crossing the hovering pathway that the dinosaur-hunters walked on, so nobody can step off it and the butterfly's route through the air would have been safely diverted around the group. Such a precaution wouldn't need to have been developed specifically for this literal Butterfly of Doom situation, but for any sort of organism that happened to be in the area.
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    • If the site where the hunters killed the dinosaur was due to be submerged by a volcanic eruption immediately thereafter, how was that butterfly supposed to have survived, in the first place? If molten lava was about to blanket the area, you'd think a fragile insect so near the ground would get incinerated by the heat and flaming ashes before it could ascend to a safe altitude.
    • 2055 isn't an election year. Shouldn't the story be set in 2052 or 2056?
      • Unless this is a subtle hint that some previous safari also changed history; perhaps presidential elections were held every 5 years in the story's timeline.

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