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Film / Page One: Inside the New York Times

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Page One: Inside the New York Times is a 2011 documentary based on the birth and decline of the New York Times. It is co-distributed by The History Channel. The film covers the many issues New York Times has covered over the years such as Wiki Leaks, the Watergate incident, the death of many newspapers around the globe, and many more issues. The film mainly follows reporter David Carr as he interviews many people as well as how the process of a story is made and published in the newspaper as well as many interviews with the staff. The movie also talks about how the digital era has greatly affected the newspaper industries as well as some of the concerns about today's youth.

The movie opened to critical acclaim from many critics for its views on modern world and independent look, but sadly lacked in the sales department. Trailer can be viewed here.


The Movie provides examples of:


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