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Film / A Ducking They Did Go

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A ducking they will go,
A ducking they will go,
They'll hunt for ducks, they'll run amuck,
a ducking they will go!

A Ducking They Did Go is The Three Stooges' 46th short subject, which was released April 7, 1939.

In this short, the Stooges run from a police officer after trying to steal a melon for food. They suddenly find themselves being hired for being membership salesmen of the Canvas Back Duck Club, which they sell to the police department and the mayor after their second run-in with the cop from the start. Little did they know, there aren't any ducks around, so the Stooges must find a way to find some before they're put behind bars.


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  • Hello Again, Officer: The Stooges have a second run-in with the same cop from the beginning, where they mistook him for a customer. Whereas they run from him again and hide into the police department, unaware they have.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Blackie and Doyle are told by the Stooges that the trio sold their memberships to the police and the mayor.
      Moe: We're goin' up to the club with the chief and the mayor. They're outside now waitin' for us. Like to meet 'em?
      Blackie: No, no, we're too busy. We'll meet 'em up at the club in the morning!
    • The old man that arrives and after Moe mentions their duck hunt...
      Man: Duck hunting? Why, man, there ain't been a wild duck around here in years. (the Stooges doubletake)
  • Shot in the Ass: Larry spots a duck and tries to shoot it. Only to accidentally shoot Moe's posterior.
    Larry: I almost got 'im, didn't I?
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  • Stock Footage: The last scene where the Stooges ride bulls after being shot at by the police and the mayor was taken from A Pain in the Pullman (1936).
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: The police chief had shot first, but the mayor believes that he did.
    Chief: I got him, I got him!
    Mayor: What do you mean you got him?
    Chief: Well, I certainly...! (The mayor gives him a Death Glare) Oh, no, you got him, mayor.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: The cop hat they bump into again in nowhere to be seen again after the Stooges enter the police station.

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