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Drinking Game / The Wire

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"Amigo, please..."

  • Whenever Omar is called a homo as an insult, take a shot.
  • Whenever Burrell threatens to expose Daniels' dirty past take a shot.
  • Whenever Rawls reprimands a subordinate, take a shot.
  • If Stringer says its just business, drink.
  • Slam your glass when Avon insists as much.
  • Drink every time Avon squints when confronted with insubordination or making a decision.
  • Every time Wee-Bey rubs his goatee.
  • Whenever Marlo orders a pointlessly ruthless murder, drink.
  • Slam your drink when Chris kills someone in a more brutal manner than usual.
  • If Omar is coming, drink.
  • Every time a suspect is brutalized, take a shot. Drink twice again if it's cherished as "the Western district way."
  • Share a drink with Jimmy everytime McNulty props up the bar.
  • When politics obstruct or trump police work, drown your sorrows.
  • Whenever Stringer tells someone to "Lock That Door."
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  • Whenever Clay Davis utters his catchphrase.


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