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Nightmare Fuel / The Wire

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  • Even if Omar started it by robbing the Barkdales, their brutal retaliation and gruesome murder of Brandon leaves his body as not a pretty sight.
  • Stringer Bell's callous execution of D'angelo by using his NYC connection's cousin to do the deed, all for the fear that D might snitch even though he made it clear he wanted to take the weight in peace.
  • Season 4 took this concept to new heights with Snoop and Chris, Marlo Stanfield's enforcers. The duo go around wantonly executing rival drug dealers and hauling anyone who doesn't bow down to Marlo into a vacant house, where they proceed to shoot them in the head, cover them in quicklime, then use nails to reseal the house. The worst example of this occurs the first time we see their process, as Snoop and Chris calmly discuss how they're going to dispose of the dead body right in front of the victim they're about to execute. The worst part is the dealer's pleas ("Chris...please.") and Chris's nonchalant response ("Don't fret, boss. I've got you covered. Quick and clean, I promise"), then Chris shooting him after he's just vomited all over the floor.
  • Marlo ordered one man murdered simply for "talking back". This man was a convenience store security guard that Marlo pilfered two dum-dums from. All the security guard asked for was a little respect. By the end of the fourth season, the cops have found 22 bodies in vacant houses, and who knows how many other bodies there might be.
    • Many events and characters on the show are based on real events, including the use of abandoned houses as a place to stash bodies, and the eventual discovery of a large number of them. Imagine how many people walked past those houses for who knows how long without knowing about it... and imagine how many did know and said nothing for months due to being afraid of winding up like that themselves.
      Lester Freamon: This is a tomb. Lex is in there.
  • Public anti-STD education should consist of Bodie's charming season 3 assessment of what Poot looks like when he visits the STD clinic:
    Dick lookin' like a fried chicken wing...
  • The fate of the girls in the container in season 2.
    • The Greeks' retribution on the man responsible also counts. Kick the Son of a Bitch indeed.
      The Greek: Goddamn Turko…
  • Hamsterdam at night is one of the most dreadful places imaginable; it's like walking into Hell on earth. Dealers throng the pitch black streets, all shouting product names. Drug fiends pack every house and are more interested in candles and toilet paper than anything else because water and electricity do not run into the abandoned houses they've settled. Fights are common and the streets are filled with the worst dregs of the city, most of which can be best described as "Feral".
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  • In Season 5, Marlo meets with Sergei Malatov, who got locked up in Season 2. Marlo attempts, rather awkwardly, to charm the man by mentioning that he's been putting money in Sergei's canteen account. Sergei contemptuously dismisses the prospect of Marlo cozying up to him, reflecting that "in my county, this is not prison. This is nothing." At that moment, we realize that there is someone scarier than Marlo Stanfield. He just doesn't make a big deal out of it... which is part of the reason he's scarier.


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