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Drinking Game / Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

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Only a few rules are recommended at a time. These were also originally written by someone who had never drank in his life, so they are most likely overly cruel; downgrade severity as necessary.

1. Every time someone says "bead" or "beads", take a shot.

2. Every time Sophia or Kerner ruffles their hair, take a shot.

3. Every time Sophia or Indy does an outfit change, take a shot.

4. Every time Indy declares that he can't move something or can't pick it up, take a shot.


5. Every time Indy gets someone else to read a map for him, take a shot.

6. Every time the statue is mentioned, take a shot.

7. Every time Indy is challenged to fisticuffs by a Nazi, take a shot.

8. Every time Sophia talks about Nur-Ab Sal, take a shot. Take another if she is waving her hand in the air while talking about him.

9. Every time Indy walks when he really should be running, take a shot.

10. Every time Indy falls down something, take a shot.

11. Every time Indy asks someone if they're Monseiur Trottier, take a shot.

12. Every time Monseiur Trottier is unhelpful, feels insulted, or acts especially French, take a shot.

13. Every time Indy eats part of a sandwich, take a shot.

14. Every time someone says something that isn't part of a proper conversation sequence, take a shot.

15. Take two shots every time someone dies (including Indy) or is found dead.


16. Take two shots every time Sophia declares that she won't do something.

17. Take two shots every time you hear the word "squab".

18. Take two shots every time you hear the word "effendi".

19. Take two shots every time Indy picks up something that he obviously couldn't possibly carry.

20. Finish your drink every time it's too dark to see anything.

21. Finish your drink every time the orichalcum-making machine is used.

22. Finish your drink every time Indy finds a key inside a funeral urn.

23. Finish your drink every time you have to prove to someone that you know stuff about Atlantis.

24. Finish your drink every time we cut to elsewhere where the Nazis are up to their schemes.

25. Finish your drink if the balloon is shot down or otherwise disabled.

26. Every time Indy thinks there must be an updraft here, take a shot.


25. Every time there is an automobile collision, take a shot.

27. Every time Indy goes to another country, take a shot.

28. Every time Indy needs to solve a puzzle using the stone disks, take a shot. Every time he gets it wrong, take another.

29. Every time Indy grunts, take a shot.

30. Every time Indy uses the ship rib, take a shot.


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