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Trivia / Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

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  • Follow the Leader: When LucasArts failed to make this a film, Disney made a film with the same plot instead.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Following the success of the Last Crusade game, the earliest idea for a sequel was to make an adaptation of Indiana Jones and the Monkey King, a screenplay by Chris Columbus which was written to be the third movie before it was scrapped in favor of Crusade. Hal Barwood considered the story substandard and convinced LucasArts to let him create an original plot instead.
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    • An additional area, which was set in Spain, was scrapped.
    • Two different sequels were planned but never released. One, Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, was pretty far into development before being cancelled due to political reasons (the plot involving Nazis hiding in Bolivia attempting to resurrect Hitler, and Germany, a top market for adventure games, would likely have never allowed the game to be sold). Another, which seems to have only existed in concepts, involved the spear of Longinus. Both games were adapted into comics, however.

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