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Funny / Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

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  • It starts off with a crowning moment of funny, showing that, despite surviving Nazi attacks and Temple of Dooms, Indy could not work his way around his own college without incurring a series of Disaster Dominoes — including getting conked on the head by a falling totem pole, being slammed through a thin ceiling via a bookcase, confusing a real cat for a statue, and getting startled enough to fall into a coal chute! The talkie version makes this even funnier.
  • When Indy interrupts Sophia's show in New York by sending the Nur-Ab-Sal puppet out too early:
    Sophia: Er... may I present NUR-AB-SAL, the great Atlantean god of... of...
    Indy: Deceit!
    Sophia: Deceit! Thanks Indy! (beat) INDIANA JONES? You've got some nerve!
    (The Nur-Ab-Sal puppet bursts into flames.)
    Sophia: Oh, great... Go back, you big Jack-o-lantern!
    (The puppet is taken back offstage)
  • When Sternhart asks you the name of the Lost Dialogue, one of the options is "Gluteus Maximus".
  • If Indy examines the screws in the bookcase at the Barnett College Library, he determines that it's "Early twentieth century, I believe."
  • In Indy's office at Barnett College, he can look at a stack of letters from his school principal to his father, all of which begin with "Regarding Henry".
  • Early on, Indy has to go through all sorts of hoops to get to a Mayan pyramid... only for Sophia to show up on the other side after Indy told her to wait. He asks how she got there only for her to say she found a path.
  • While in the Monte Carlo hotel room, if you turn off the lights and use the flashlight, Indy starts making shadow puppets on the wall.
    Indy: And here's Nur-ab-sal.
  • In the Team Path, you get a baseball from Al-Jabbar which he claims is signed by Lou Gehrig. When Indy looks at it, we learn that it's actually signed by "some guy named Ron Gilbert!"
  • Try "Give Sophia to knife-thrower" for a pretty hilarious response.
  • In Algiers, if you have Indy look at Al-Jabbar's camel repeatedly, he debates with himself over whether it's a camel, a dromedary, a lama, or a llama with two l's, before deciding it's a camel, and that he's going to name it George. The "Look at _" text changes with each line.
    • And if you return to the camel after visiting the dig site nearby, Indy will see that the camel has escaped. "Or was he a dromedary?"
  • In any dark area, your "look" command is automatically replaced with a "touch" command. And should you actually use this command on Sophia... SLAP!
  • When using the surveyor's transit in Crete, you can see Sophia waving at you if you were looking at her through the sights.
  • When Sophia is hesitant to crawl through a small passage in the labyrinth, she brings up Indy's fear of snakes. With the right dialogue options, he can deny that fear and the two can literally get into an, "Am not!" "Are too!" argument like a pair of little kids.
  • Arnold's the singing Nazi's last words: "YODEL-OOO-URK!"
  • The single best Have a Nice Death message resulting from losing a fist fight ever? Possibly.
    Indy's failure to subdue a sixty-year-old U-Boat captain allowed the Nazis to conquer the world.
    • Another standout is when you walk in on the submarine crew rather than order them elsewhere:
      Indy: Uh oh.
      Because the sailors proved to be reasonably alert, Indy soon found himself in deep, deep water.
    • Then there's the one where Indy gets shot by Kerner while trying to call his bluff, only for Kerner to somehow end up drowning after finding Atlantis. Or similarly, getting himself blown up while experimenting with orichalcum.
    • If Indy get knocked out by Otto, he will trip and fall into a bottomless pit trying to kill you. "No one knows what happened to Indy".
    • If Indy gets knocked out by Arnold (the yodeller mentioned above), we learn that he went on to become a world-famous opera singer.
    • Similarly, get knocked out by Fritz (the guard we're supposed to have stomped to death as mentioned below), and we learn that he went on to win an Olympic Gold medal in Boxing in 1948.
    • If Indy drowns while trying to find the Atlantis airlock, we're told that he couldn't hold his breath as long as Guybrush Threepwood.
    • Finally, there's a Dummied Out message with a rather hilarious Noodle Incident:
      Suddenly, Indy forgot everything he knew about handling a bullwhip and flogged himself to death.
  • An ancient Atlantean guard robot stomping a Nazi to death while the cheery marching band from the third film plays in the background. The horrified expression the Nazi wears a split second before the first stone foot lands on his head makes it all the more hilarious.
    • What's even funnier is that if Indy does manage to beat him hand to hand (it's not easy, but it's doable), the plot still requires him to activate the robot and stomp over his body before breaking.
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