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Drinking Game / Golden Book Video Killers

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Drinking games for the web series Golden Book Video Killers:

Take a drink every time:

  • Grumpy and Daffy sing along with the Golden Book Video theme (either the 1985 version, the 1986 version, or the 1987 GoldenVision variant).
  • Daffy yells "Chuckimation!"
  • Either Grumpy or Daffy point out a Hanna-Barbera sound effect in a Golden Book Video.
  • The white screen of death scares away Grumpy and Daffy.
  • Another character is brought in as a guest host or makes a cameo.
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  • When Grumpy or Daffy recognize APM music in a Golden Book Video from a previous video, or when the voice of a previous character is used for another.
  • Grumpy and Daffy point out the people responsible for the video in the ending credits.
  • Daffy complains about a Golden Book Video not having the Space Logo at the end.
  • Grumpy and Daffy yell "Cowboy Teddy! Yee-ha!" during the third story in "Golden Book Video Killers: Special Pound Puppies Edition II".
  • Daffy says "Look out! They're going to crash!" during the "Get Ready To Read" section in "Golden Book Video Killers XIII & XIV".
  • A character says the phrase "Hideously-deformed creature of superhuman size and strength" in the first Toxic Crusaders episode in "Golden Book Video Killers: Special Halloween Edition". Grumpy and Daffy even Lampshade this.


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