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Drinking Game / Blood+

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Drinking game for Blood+:

  • Take a drink for every Chiropteran injury and death in the whole series.
    • Same for every fodder character (Clara's squad doesn't count). You'll be dead during Episode 32.
    • Speaking of Episode 32, drink the whole bottle during Riku's death. You'll be needing it.
  • Take three drinks for every enemy Chevalier that dies from Saya's blood.
    • Same as Riku's, drink the whole bottle during Solomon's death.
  • Every time Haji is impaled, take a drink.
  • At every mention of the Delta-67, drink a finger. We're not that evil.
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  • Take a shot every time Diva sings.
  • During Episode 43, take a shot every time Solomon pleads Saya to come with him.
  • Two drinks for every Ho Yay and Les Yay scene.