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Drinking Game / Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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If you're gonna anger Baldi, you'll need some drinks to get all the notebooks. This drinking game (so far) includes the original game, the camping demo, and some fangames.

Main Game

  • Take a sip for each question you answer correctly when collecting a notebook.
    • Take a drink when you get an answer wrong. Take two if said answer was for a question that you had no way of answering correctly.
  • Take a shot each time Baldi kills you. note 
  • Take a shot each time you get detention.
    • Two if it's a 30-second detention. Three if it's 45 seconds or higher.
      • Take another shot if you end up escaping, but get caught again.
      • Down a bottle if being in detention ends up getting you killed by Baldi.
      • Toast if you're safe from Baldi while in detention due to either playing the tape or having WD-NoSquee on the door. note 
    • Take four shots if you're caught for "bullying". note 
  • Take two shots if Playtime forces you to play jump-rope.
    • Another if Baldi kills you while doing so.
    • Toast if you temporarily cut her rope with the Safety Scissors.
  • Take a sip each time you hear a sound cue from an enemy (void for Baldi smacking the ruler).
  • Take a shot if you get swept by Gotta Sweep.
    • Two if he sweeps Baldi away.
      • Toast if Baldi gets swept away from you.
      • Take another shot if you got swept with Baldi. Two more if Baldi immeditately kills you after Gotta Sweep lets you both go.
    • Three if he sweeps other enemies.
    • Three shots if he sweeps you RIGHT into Baldi (yes it's possible, and not as uncommon as you might think).
  • Take a shot if the Bully is in the way.
    • Two more if you give him an item, but the item is helpful to you.
    • Down a bottle if Baldi ends up killing you while the Bully is blocking your path.
    • Toast if the Principal of the Thing catches the Bully before you have to give him anything.
  • Take a shot for every exit you trigger when you have 7/7 notebooks.
    • Down a bottle if you die while trying to escape.
      • Two bottles if you were going for the secret ending.
    • Take a victory drink if you escape successfully.
      • Add two shots if you did it with all the problems wrong, thus getting the secret ending.
  • Down a bottle if Arts and Crafters ends up warping you and Baldi to the starting location, and Baldi kills you afterwards.
    • Drink to forget if you somehow survive Arts and Crafters (most likely by using BSoda on Baldi).
  • Take a shot when 1st Prize "hugs" you.
    • Another if he pushes you RIGHT into Baldi, thus getting you killed.
    • Toast if you disable him temporarily with the Safety Scissors.
  • Drink to forget if you end up getting the game-crashing load screen easter egg.

Suicide Modes

  • Drunken Ruler Smacking: For the bravest of souls, bring a straw and take a small sip every time Baldi smacks his ruler. Take progressively larger drinks as he gets faster. If you decide to get all problems wrong and the sound plays at rapid fire, quickly remove the straw and chug until the bottle is bone dry, even after he kills you. We are not responsible for any actual deaths that may occur.
  • Brutal Alcoholic: If you're playing Baldi's BRUTAL Basics, upgrade everything above. note  We recommend you also having an ambulence on standby.
  • Jumproping Drunkard: When jumproping with Playtime, take a shot for each successful jump, even when you have to start over. If you fail at a jump, take two shots. This will likely lead to alcohol poisoning, especially if you're playing with the Brutal Alcoholic rules as well.
  • Sweeps and Hugs for the Drunken Student: This applies to Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize. When they're sweeping (for Gotta Sweep) or "hugging" (for 1st Prize), chug the bottle for as long as they're moving you, but stop when they stop moving you around or Baldi kills you. If you're using 1st Prize as a way of getting around the school or your escape method, keep chugging and don't stop, even when he's turning.
  • No Alcohol in the Halls!: When you're in detention, chug the bottle for as long as you have detention, even when it's 99 seconds, but stop when Baldi kills you. WARNING: Doing this in Baldi's BRUTAL Basics will kill you, as detentions will always last 99 seconds.

Camping/Field Trip

  • Take a sip for each stick you collect.
    • Drink every time you get some to the campfire.
  • Take a shot if the fire goes out and Baldi kills you.
    • If you were carrying too many sticks and was moving slow before death, take two.
  • Take a shot if you run into a bear trap.
    • Another if Baldi's after you and it gets you killed.
  • Take a shot if Cloudy Copter appears.
    • Take a sip if you scare him off.
    • Drown your sorrows if he puts out the fire and you die to Baldi because of it.
  • Take four shots if the Bully takes your sticks.
  • Take a shot if Arts and Crafters teleports you back to the campfire.
    • If the fire's out and Baldi is close to the fire or just appeared, down the bottle when he kills you after the teleportation.
    • Toast if the teleportation actually helps you get more sticks to the fire.

Unreal Basics

  • Take 4 shots straight each time Baldi kills you.
    • Take a sip if The Parents get you times the amount of warnings you get.
    • Take 2 sips every time Playtime gets you.
  • Take 1 sip every jump when encountering Playtime.