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Hello, TV Tropes, and welcome to The Unwritten Ideas Of Secret Fan 14. It's basically a space for me, Secret Fan 14, to list and attach tropes to the story ideas I come up with, and maybe publish some of them someday.

Original Works:

  • The Awkwardverse: A group of stories about two groups of college students in a world of magic and mystery. They fight villains. And each other.
  • The G5verse: A superhero comedy series a friends of mine and I came up with at camp.
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  • A sort-of magical girl story about three 12th-grade girls who must guard the alien princess that crash-landed into their high school.
  • An actual magical girl story. Nine very different girls gain magical powers from three very different weasel mascots sent to Japan to fight evil.

Fan Works:

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfics:
    • Marie and Vanessa: A Post-Series Elsewhere Fic centered around OC magical girls.
    • Hitomi Knows: Takes place in one of Homura's time loops, the main divergence being that Hitomi isn't Locked Out of the Loop.
    • Whatever Happened to Kazumi Subaru?: A Kazumi & Madoka fic about Kazumi's fate in the post-Madoka timeline, considering she never existed.
  • Crossover fanfics:
    • Mirrors: A My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic. So, you know that mirror that leads to that High School AU? Well, Princess Luna finds an entire wing of the castle basement full of them. Who knows where they lead?
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    • What do you Mean, Evil is not a Toy?: Eggman searches the multiverse, looking for something, anything he can use against Sonic. Hijinks ensue.

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