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Carth is a troper. Carth has a lot of stories crawling around within her mind, which has effectively annihilated both her perception of reality and her ability to do homework. One day, she found Darth Wiki. She was very happy.

Here are her stories. In total, there are 11 active plots.

Unidentified: A destitute and slightly mentally handicapped young alien from the slums of his planet is sentenced to work as a janitor aboard a spaceship set to explore a newly-discovered solar system. However, when an anti-governmental terrorist group hijacks the ship and kills nearly everyone aboard, he jettisons away in the only escape pod, and crash lands on Earth. More plot to come.


Characters include:

  • Skuld Lunrix: The aforementioned alien. With an IQ of 88 and no knowledge of Earth customs, he is sweet, kind, and pleasantly naïve. He can, however, get violent if anyone ever threatens his friends, listed below. As an alien, he has gray skin, winged ears, and an extra set of red eyes on his forehead, but he does have a human disguise.
  • Tiffany Gallton: One of four human children who know of Skuld's existence. A bossy, attention-craving shopaholic, she tries her hardest to be the very definition of the stereotypical American teenager. Obsessed with gaining "cooler" friends and greater status. Dommy's older sister.
  • Dommy Gallton: Human child number two. A ten-year-old child prodigy who doesn't like to make a fuss about his intelligence, preferring to quietly manipulate everyone around him by making them think he's an innocent, deluded little kid. Around new people, he is hopelessly annoying, but around those he knows, he's a male Little Miss Snarker with a large vocabulary.
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  • Angie Manchez: Human child number three. The product of a teenage pregnancy, she was largely raised by her grandparents, and not even her mother knows who her father is. Despite this, she's one of the kinder people on the team. Very hyper.
  • Mikey Manning: Human child number four. Tries to be a very deep, troubled, and angry sort of character... and fails, pretty miserably. He's really just a pimply-faced geek who likes yelling at people. Has a crush on Angie.


  • Applied Phlebotinum: Most of the Sarvon technology, such as adjusting disguises, translator chips, and FTL (Faster Than Light) Ships are powered with the help of the Sarvon's own ability to send out mental pulses.
  • Betty and Veronica: Tiff and Angie for Mikey, sometimes.
  • Rubber-Forehead Aliens: The Sarvon aliens, which are basically humans with big ears, funny eyes, and grey skin.
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  • Super Power Robot Meter Maids: Currently debating whether or not to include one.

More to come.


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