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An as of now non-existent Webcomic by Lurkerbunny. In a nutshell, it is a tender love story... about Vanity Plates.

The year is 1976. Screen Gems has been kicked out of his job in favor of his mother, Columbia Pictures Television. She tells him it's because the television executives feel she's a better icon of the company, but he knows the truth... it's because people think he's scary. He didn't mean to be that way, he just wanted to stand out. But it's too late. He's out wandering the streets of Logoville... and then he meets young Viacom, a simple distributor. She is also considered scary due to her loudness and exuberance. Although Viacom is (at the time) a current logo and Screen Gems has been pushed aside, they begin to form a loving bond as logo outcasts. Unfortunately, differences between their respective companies end up tearing them apart.


26 years later, Screen Gems is re-welcomed into the Columbia family (now owned by Sony) as a humble movie distributor. He seeks out Viacom to rekindle the love they shared, but he finds that she is not only the owner of many other companies, but but a corrupt, self-serving one at that.

Will probably take a long, long time to be drawn (if ever) because the author is too busy writing Family Guy fanfic (Wut).

  • Genki Girl: Why the "V" is so energetic in her logo. She just wants to make friends! Before she becomes a huge conglomerate, anyway.
  • Keet: Embassy Television, Screen Gems' best friend (who shares the pain of being plastered over in The '90s).
  • Kuudere: Screen Gems as The S "From Hell". He tends to freak out little kids with his strange and somewhat frightening appearance, but he's really harmless.
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  • Moe Anthropomorphism: All the logos. (The S has spiky, slicked back red hair and one red eye, the other covered by an eyepatch; the V has long, purple hair and a navy blue dress. But as she ages, her color scheme changes and she becomes a lot less Moe. Columbia Pictures is the Torch Lady)


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