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A graphic novel written by Sukita Taramei with art and lettering done by an artist who shall remain unnamed.. The work is about a group of five soldiers who are tracking down an escaped Person of Mass Destruction... in 2035, in the middle of World War III.

The Characters Are...

  • General Graham Williams - the leader of the mission. He is 53 years old and is an experienced veteran.
  • Michael "Mikey" Harris - the Equipment Manager of the mission. Ambiguously Gay and calls everyone by their nicknames.
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  • Chase "Sully" Sullivan - the unofficial group head. 36 years old and quite experienced.
  • Thomas "Tommy" Johnson - the brawn of the group. 29 years old and doesn't look a day younger.
  • Daniel "Danny" Jones - the brains of the the group. 27 years old.
  • Lawrence "Larry" Sook - the medic. 26 years old and the Butt-Monkey.
  • Christopher "Chris" Davidson - the fifth man and sort of considered useless. Is mostly used as the recon guy.

This Unpublished Work Contains Examples of...


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