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Magical Girl Rune is a Vapor Ware story intended for animation.

Young Siobhan is a normal girl with a very active imagination. For a better part of a year, she lives a secret life as the friend and companion of Rune, a caller and controller of spirits. Years later, teen Siobhan has convinced herself that it was never real. She returns to her friend, only to find out that those adventures with Rune, an "imaginary" friend named Kahlo, and a nameless spirit were quite real. And boy, is Rune ever in trouble, because the spirit is pissed at Rune for having used her.


The show would be aimed at girls preteen and teen with enough overtones from the real old country myths that fae shapeshifter Kahlo is nowhere as innocent as the two girls (Parental Bonus but means well) and that the two are in very real danger from the spirit who Rune used. The show would hint at insidious reasons why Rune has such an odd name and lives with a hippie/beatnik Grandma. In a sense, it would be both a love letter to childhood innocence and a caution against the casual cruelty we sometimes learn as children, warning that this casual cruelty does have consequences. Very much a ¡Three Amigos! set up, the story would lead from innocence to Darker and Edgier at the very end.

  • First season would include Siobhan and Rune meeting and reuniting-the meeting and early relationship only being in the opening scenes with Siobhan putting forth the adventures as a sort of school report on imaginary friends. The ensuing adventures would follow a sort of Monster of the Week format, with enphasis on Character Development where Sibhan realizes, yes, it's real and yes, she can do stuff too with later episodes including a vampire who is interested in Siobhan, to the jealous notice of Rune.
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  • Second season would lose the Monster of the Week format and begin focusing on consequences: Rune beginning to lose her personality while controlling the spirits, Kahlo being able to hold his forms better but finding limits, the fate of Rune's parents, the vampire becoming closer to Siobhan inspite of laws to the contrary and the plotting of that nameless spirit.
  • Finale would entail Rune losing control, Kahlo getting locked into human form (and revealed to grandma) the breaking of Siobhan's friendship with Rune over issues of jealousy and illicit magic and the binding of the nameless spirit into human form. It ends with a sort of 20 Minutes into the Future epilogue where Siobhan sees an albino police woman with a Living Shadow chattering with a much older Rune where Siobhan looks almost the same, aka a Sequel Hook.


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