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Thomas P. Harlan is a game designer, programmer, and author of fantasy and science fiction. His fantasy series, Oath of Empire, is set in a 7th-century Roman Empire where magic works, Christianity never developed and Vesuvius is still a mountain resort with delightful hot springs.

His science fiction series, In the Time of the Sixth Sun, details the adventures of an interstellar Mexica Empire.

His works include examples of:

  • Alternate History:
    • Oath of Empire is set in the early 7th century, where magic works, Rome never fell, and Christianity never appeared.
    • In the Time of the Sixth Sun has the Mongols successfully invading Japan. The Japanese flee, to America. They trade horses and steel for food and land on the West Coast. The Mexica then proceed to conquer the planet — and beyond.
  • Modern Mayincatec Empire: In the Time of the Sixth Sun series: Japanese exiles, fleeing a successful Mongol invasion of the islands, settle in America and introduce horses and steel to the New World, leading eventually to the dominance of the Nippon-Mexica empire. IN SPACE!