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Taylor Jenkins Reid (born 1983) is an American author. She got her start writing contemporary romance novels before switching to, and finding success with, historical fiction. From 2017 to 2022, Reid released four books focusing on one of four different women who became celebrities in four different eras.

    Reid's works: 


Short stories:

  • Evidence of the Affair (2018)
    Adaptations of Reid's works with their own pages: 

Common tropes found in Reid's works:

  • Abusive Parents: Most of the main characters in Reid's works had abusive parents or became one themselves.
    • Evelyn Hugo's mother was kind and caring, but she died when Evelyn was only eleven. Her father was a drunk who was physically abusive, and Evelyn feared he might've become sexually abusive if she kept living under his roof.
    • Daisy Jones's parents were generally neglectful, not caring what she did or where she went. They also weren't supportive of her dreams of musical stardom.
    • Mick Riva grew up in a volatile household; generally speaking, when his parents weren't arguing or hitting or throwing things at each other, they were so caught up in their own lust that they never paid him any attention. When Mick marries and starts a family with June, he tries and fails to quit his womanizing ways. He winds up abandoning his children for decades, not even bothering to appear at his twice ex-wife's funeral.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Seven Husbands and Daisy Jones both have endings that vary in their bittersweetness.
  • The 'Verse: Ried's novels post One True Love all take place in the same slightly-altered universe that The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo sets up. While each book can stand on its own, multiple characters, publications, events, and so on are referenced by succeeding novels:
    • Mick Riva is introduced in Seven Husbands as a womanizer who was seduced and manipulated by Evelyn into both marrying her and then having the marriage annulled the next day. He briefly appears in Daisy Jones as a middle-aged man making out with some teenage girls at the same party Daisy happened to attend. Malibu Rising develops his background and life more, showing how his rise in popularity went to both of his heads, resulting in his eventual divorce from his wife, June, and his subsequent abandonment of his children. In Carrie Soto, his name gets a quick mention.
    • Carrie Soto is introduced in Malibu Rising as a tennis player who was having an affair with Nina Riva's husband, Brandon Randell. However, her cold and callous personality eventually got to Brandon, leading him to crawl his way back to Nina. Carrie appears towards the later third of that same novel to crash Nina's annual end-of-summer party. She'd end up becoming a lead for Reid's next book, Carrie Soto Is Back.