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John Keston, (born Francis Douglas Arthur Caston, 5 December 1924) is a world-record-holding runner as well as a Shakespearian scholar, having worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company on tours. He has also written, produced and performed a one-man show, "Expressions of Aging", reflecting his love of history, acting, music, and the English language centered around the theme of growing old.

He has another son, Richard, and three sons from a previous marriage: Philip, Michael and Tony. A long version of his biography can be found here on That Other Wiki.


John Keston, stole the show in a manner of speaking, in the video-game Riven: The Sequel to Myst as the primary villain Gehn.

Tropes Associated with John Keston Himself Include
  • Academic Athlete: Winner of multiple world records as well as a Shakespearian scholar and producer of stage plays.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: John has dabbled in acting, arts, and athletics. Strong suits are classical acting (with his break-out role in Riven) and marathon running.
  • Shakespearian Actors: John is implied to be one, having traveled with the Royal Shakespeare Company, for a production of Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Frank Dunlop, with artistic director Trevor Nunn. This provided Keston his sole Broadway credit for his performance as Sir Edward Leighton.

Atrus' father and the main antagonist of Riven. Gehn rules the world of Riven after his son Atrus, removed all means of teleporting out of the world, and exited in a manner that prevented him from following. Gehn was imprisoned due to Gehn's history of writing links to ages and playing God over the inhabitants, under the belief that writing the book that describes an age is an act of Genesis. Atrus wanted to prevent more cultures from falling prey to his Father's delusions of grandeur.

After the first game Myst, the player character returns to Atrus to be inserted into Riven. He/she is given a fake linking-book that appears to be a way back to D'ni, but is actually a one-man prison; to make a long story short, Atrus' wife Cathrine has become a hostage in Riven, being held prisoner by his scheming father.

After solving key puzzles in Riven, the player comes face-to-face with Gehn, who cleverly accepts that he has been in the wrong in order to garner sympathy. However, Gehn is more that willing to commit murder, and will shoot the player dead if they mess up trying to lure Gehn into the trap. Thus, to get the best ending, the major puzzles must be solved.


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