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Playable and fightable characters introduced in Samurai Shodown 64, Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage and Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny. Beware of unmarked spoilers.

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Debuting in Samurai Shodown 64

Half-Shaded Shiki 
Weapons (as Half-Shaded Shiki): Summonable energy blades
Voiced by:note 
One of the main heroines in the 64 series. Ever since birth, she was tailored to be Yuga's servant and when she came of age, she was Brainwashed into becoming his servant and tasked with hunting down the male counterpart that Yuga needed for a perfect body: Haohmaru. Fortunately, Haohmaru managed to kick Yuga's ass beforehand, thereby freeing her soul, but rendering her amnesic about the whole affair. She has a brief respite, acting as a fortune teller by the name Kanae. Unfortunately, Yuga soon revives and sends in Asura's Shadow to kidnap her, but they end up falling in love. The original Asura and his Shadow defeats Yuga and later Shiki gives birth to a daughter from her liaison with Shadow Asura: Mikoto. Shiki leaves her in the care of Haohmaru and Nicotine (and presumably Gaira as well), then vanishes....

More of Shiki's backstory is revealed in 2019. As part of her conditioning process, she was put into a deep sleep until the opportune time arose for when she would be needed. However, in 1787, an evil energy began to slowly seep into Japan, causing mysterious calamities and disturbances. These disturbances somehow roused Shiki from her slumber and left her displaced. Hearing a voice calling to her, she takes up a pair of nameless blades and begins to search for its source.
  • Action Girl: Definitely qualifies as one of the most powerful warriors in the series. And quite the popular one among the community as well.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: She's got dark colored hair and rarely expresses any emotions.
  • Babies Ever After: All of her endings in crossover or spinoff games will ALWAYS involve her giving birth to Mikoto.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: At the hands of Yuga, who created her into the perfect servant for his nefarious deeds.
  • Breakout Character: SNK certainly loves her considering she was picked for SVC Chaos and later showed up in Battle Coliseum as well. So much so when the reboot was announced, she was front and center with most of the mainstays of the series. Of the 64 characters, she's the only one that had prominence.
  • The Bus Came Back: After being absent from Samurai Shodown games since 64-2 (despite various appearances in other games), she finally makes a return in 2019.
  • Double Entendre: Her dialogue, as well as much of her design aspect, is heavily based around these.
  • Dual Wielding: Uses twin katanas.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Beautiful, but in an eerie and pale sort of way.
  • Emotionless Girl: A languid, monotone young woman whose expression barely changes, even when she's hacking opponents to pieces.
  • Evil Counterpart: Dekuina in 64 and Half-Shaded Shiki in 64-2.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Half-Shaded Shiki's special moves are written in Sanskrit, much like Yuga's.
  • Hope Spot: In her ending in 2019, her brainwashing wears off after Shizuka is defeated...only for Yuga to suddenly appear, restore her brainwashing, erase her memories again, and put a sleeping curse on her until the proper time of her awakening.
  • Light Is Not Good: Or white in this case. Half-Shaded Shiki, the Bust/Rasetsu version of Shiki, dresses in white, but she's eviler than her counterpart, being one of the three guardians of Yuga's lair.
  • Lost Superweapon: Onmarin and Youshinrin, her Kofun-era swords, were discovered in the depths of hell, stabbed into the body of a dead demon and it's said that not even Mizuki could pull them out. Yuga, on the other hand, managed to and gave them to Shiki.
  • Magic Knight: Half-Shaded Shiki relies on magic to attack her enemies, such as Energy Balls, Power Floating, Psychic-Assisted Suicide and Teleport Spam.
  • Mark of the Beast: A bunch of them: her snake tattoo is a Mind-Control Device created by Yuga, and the red in her eyes symbolizes Yuga's level of control — but since she has heterochromia, it means that she's only partially controlled.
  • Meaningful Name: The name "Shiki" has various homonyms, like "beauty", "mood" or "sexual love", though "colour" is the meaning of the kanji used to write her name.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Shiki wears Stripperiffic outfit that bares her shoulders and back... and whatever she's wearing, it's apparently very skin-tight she looks like she's wearing nothing at all. And she had big enough jugs to show despite that.
  • Ninja: Of a sort — if anything, this is the type of fighter she most resembles.
  • The Protagonist: Of the 64 series along with Haohmaru (and Asura in 64-2).
  • Psychic-Assisted Suicide: Half-Shaded Shiki can force her enemy to imitate her and stab themselves, although it deals more damage to the enemy than to herself.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy: Developers admit that her personality and part of her win quotes were based on Rei Ayanami.
  • Slashed Throat: Proficient at it — her horrific super in 2019 sees her mount the opponent and slash their throat with both katanas in a scissoring motion.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: Showing off her full-body snake tattoo.
  • Stripperiffic: She sports a highly stylised kimono in a game where most of the (Japanese) characters sport pretty much period-correct outfits.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Half-Shaded Shiki.
  • The Vamp: Slightly more sexualized as Bust Shiki / Half-Shaded Shiki, with a penchant for poisonous kisses and a rather suggestive soul drain similar to Hotaru's infamous special move.
  • What Is This Feeling?: In her ending after defeating and freeing Shizuka Gozen, Shiki is apparently freed from Yuga's brainwashing. She suddenly sheds a Single Tear and doesn't know why. She then breaks down in tears and faints from her overwhelming emotions.

    Hanma Yagyu
He is the expert inventor of the Yagyu clan. One day, he was ordered by his superiors to observe a rival clan. To do this, he slipped into the clan under the guise of their princess' body-guard. The princess instantly found Hanma to be an enjoyable character because of his smiling face and appointed him as her actual personal bodyguard. However, one day, the father of the princess told Hanma to go investigate the mysterious puppeteer, AKA Yuga.

    Deku ♂ and ♀
Voiced by:note 
The Deku are semi-human dolls created by Yuga the Destroyer. Yuga was seeking the two strongest bodies for a perfect resurrection, one female and one male. He found the female one in Shiki, and the male one in Haohmaru, but in case he failed to activate both of them, Yuga created the two back-up dolls, Deku (the male one) and Dekuina (the female one), which were based on Haohmaru and Shiki respectively.

Weapon: His own body
Gandara is a monster comprised of thousands of corpses stitched and held together through Yuga's use of forbidden magic. Yuga uses it as a bodyguard, but despite its overwhelming strength, Gandara was defeated by Kazuki and Sogetsu Kazama. When Yuga revives himself in Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage, Gandara is made en masse and produced in some kind of factory. One of these is defeated by Hanzo in his ending.

    Yuga the Destroyer
Origin: Makai (the demon world) Flag 
Weapon: Magic
Voiced by:note 
The Big Bad of the Samurai Shodown 64 games. Yuga is an ancient evil, presumably originating in the demon world, who attempts to use Shiki and Haohmaru to create a perfect body and become the 'God of Destruction' and unite both the Demon and Human worlds. Yuga's powers are themed around the dual energies of yin/yang, and similarly it can inhabit both male and female bodies.

Debuting in Samurai Shodown 64-2

Origin: Makai (the demon world) Flag 
Voiced by:note 
A dark entity who battled Yuga over the title of "Demon World's Strongest", but was defeated and sealed, before breaking free, being cloned (known as "Shadow Asura") and becoming Yuga's servant. Yuga's first defeat weakened the seal, thus the original Asura broke free and set out for revenge. The original Asura confronted the Shadow Asura, and the two end up banding together to defeat Yuga for good. As the Shadow clone begins to vanish, due to being empowered with Yuga's magic, the original merged with him, turning into the being known as Yuda.

    Shadow Asura
Origin: Asura
Weapon: Vimukti, a katana.
Voiced by:note 
Shadow Asura is a clone of Asura created by Yuga using a forbidden technique, but still retains the emotions and thoughts of the original. This Shadow clone is completely loyal to Yuga, but wavered when he realizes his affections for Shiki. He comes to love Shiki and wants to save her from her former master. Upon Yuga's defeat, he begins to deteriorate because Yuga's magic is what kept him alive. Before he merges back with the original Asura, Shiki gives birth to their child.

    Taizan Morozumi
Weapon: Shinsō Mizuguki note  a spear with brush bristles
Voiced by:note 
A demon-sealing warrior armed with a giant spear who seeks to avenge his wife and son who were killed by Yuga. When needed, the tip of his spear can turn into a calligraphy brush to write kanji symbols, using own blood as ink. The meaning of whatever he has written becomes reality (for example, the word "Fire" becomes a fiery explosion)

    Karakuri Hanma
Karakuri Hanma was created by Hanma to ensure the safety of Yukihime before he went off to fight Yuga. However, in his overzealousness, he made a mistake in the programming and Karakuri Hanma eventually runs amok. Realizing what occurred, Yagyu Hanma is forced to destroy his creation and come to Yukihime's rescue.

Debuting in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (PS1)

    Seishiro Kuki / Kunou Seishiro
Weapon (as Kuki): Seioh note , a crystal katana
Weapon (as Kunou): Seioh and Kouoh
Voiced by:note 
The new main character for the Distant Finale, he is the son of a legendary samurai known as Kuki. He was trained alongside his brother Tohma and his father's student Jushiro, but due to his natural talent and dedication, he was known to be almost peerless with a sword. One day his father was found dead, his sword, Blade of the Flaming Sun, seemingly stolen. Suspecting his brother Tohma, Seishiro takes up his father's Full Moon Blade and joins Jin-Emon Hanafusa's journey to Riten Kyo, where Tohma, along with the Razor Trio, are known to be attacking the government and terrorizing the inhabitants.

    Tohma Kuki
Weapon: Kouoh note , a crystal katana
Voiced by:note 
The older son of the legendary Kuki — Tohma, like Seishiro trained extensively throughout his life. Except unlike the fellow sparring partners under his father's tutelage, he became more interested in the power that comes with being the strongest. One night, believing it to be a source of great power, he takes the Blade of the Flaming Sun and kills his father. He then begins traveling, searching for worthy opponents and killing whoever crosses him along the way. During his travels he meets up with Mikoto, who travels with him and later the two join up with Oboro, forming the feared Razor Trio of Riten Kyo. As the most openly violent of the three, Tohma becomes known as its strongest and most feared warrior, as well as the main target of the Bafuku government's attempts to quell their reign of terror.

    Jin-Emon Hanafusa
Voiced by:note 
One of the most loyal servants to the Bafuku government and a life-long friend of the master swordsman Kuki. He has served as a samurai for many years, living to protect his master. He used to train under Kuki's tutelage and there met with the younger samurai such as the young hopeful Sakaki Jushiro and the two sons of Kuki, quiet Seishiro and fiery Tohma. All of whom helped him retain his youthful spirit, especially Jushiro who he became best of friends with. Things however have since gone bad, with Jushiro's apparent betrayal of the government and Kuki's death at the hands of his son. Being the most experienced samurai, he is naturally given the dangerous mission of retaking control of Riten Kyo and terminate all the rebellious factions there. Along with Seishiro, he heads out to complete his mission.

    Hanzo Hattori (Warriors Rage
Weapon: Kagewaka note , a ninjato.
Voiced by:note 
A ninja working for the government, Hanzo is given the mission to seek and kill Jigen Taishi after they discovered his coup plans. His real identity is Hattori Shinzo, the eldest son of the previous Hattori Hanzo, although he isn't sure he's a worthy successor to the mantle.

    Garyo the Whirlwind
Voiced by:note 
Garyo aka “The Whirlwind”, is the stubborn but kind hearted leader of a gang of thieves that roam Riten Kyo. Despite being criminals, Garyo has inspired his followers not to commit terrible crimes and to respect life. Their base was hidden in the caves underneath the Razor Trio's castle but after being spotted by guards, they were all captured and imprisoned in the dungeons. After many weeks, Garyo managed to escape but could only get his most loyal partner, Chobisuke out, due to the rest already having been executed. He then vows revenge against those that killed his comrades.

    Jushiro Sakaki
Voiced by:note 
A young, talented government samurai, he was sent to train under the legendary samurai Kuki, where he trained alongside Seishirou and Tohma. Both were distant towards others, so Jushiro mainly developed the best of friendships with Jin-Emon Hanafusa. Jushiro also met and fell in love with a female samurai named Karen, but both Karen and Jushiro were loyal samurai and Karen decided to put duties before personal happiness as was expected of her. When it was learned Oboro had designs on the princess, Karen offered to be the princess' Body Double in a trap. However, Oboro's power was more than expected and Karen along with the soldiers involved were slaughtered. Jushiro was the first to arrive at the site and when others found him alone, he became the prime suspect. Leaving the government, he went into hiding on Riten Kyo. Forming the "Atom Rebels", along with Rinka and Saya, he becomes marked for extermination by his former employers. He later modified his sword with parts of gun he picked up from Oboro's party which killed Karen.

    Yaci Izanagi
Origin: Zegengai, Ritenkyo, Japan Flag 
Voiced by:note 
Yaci, a former bodyguard, is one of the most dangerous thugs wandering around the streets of the prison island Riten Kyo, along with his friend Haito Kanakura. He enjoys making his opponents suffer and drains blood from his enemies in order to drink it. Yaci however began to change after meeting his beloved Namino, and because of him he vows to one day give up the life of crime, his blood drinking, and escape the island together. To achieve this goal he decides to move up the ranks among Riten Kyo's elite and become as powerful as the Razor Trio or the Bafuku government itself.

    Rinka Yoshino
Voiced by:note 
The proud daughter of the honorable and wealthy Yoshino family. Unexpected jealousy and betrayal among the Shogunate lead to the Yoshino bloodline's economic collapse as well as its members being sent to Riten Kyo, to slowly fade from history and society. However, Rinka returned from her secluded training and finding what was left of her family, decides to fight back, joining Jushiro and Saya, in the "Atom Rebels" anti-shogunate group.

Origin: Kingdom of Great Britain Flag  note 
Voiced by:note 
Saya (real name 'Sasha') was born in England to a family that was working for one of the most important commercial trade corporations running goods between England and Japan. To achieve success, they had to make underworld contacts but due to their refusal to accept conditions laid down by a gang of thieves led by Oboro, an extermination unit was sent to wipe out Saya's family. Her family were killed but she was spared and raised by one of the assassins who took her back to Japan. She has been trained in the art of assassination but has lived with hatred toward Oboro's Razor Trio and the Bafuku government who she blames for doing nothing to avoid her parents' murder. She has since joined up with Jushiro's Atom Rebels to dethrone both the Bafuku and the Razor Trio in Riten Kyo.

    Haito Kanakura
Origin: Zegengai, Ritenkyo, Japan Flag 
Voiced by:note 
Haito is a former bodyguard gone rogue and one of the most feared criminals that live in Riten-Kyo. Son of a Japanese woman and a foreigner, he partnered up with Yaci Izanagi and terrorizes the local population. Haito has a terrible sickness, that causes him to have seizures, which he controls by drinking a special potion to sooth the pain and provide extreme abilities. Cold blooded and ruthless, he is in love with Saya but upon her rejection, he decides there is nothing left to live for and takes all his frustration out on the Razor Trio, who feels are unfit to rule.

    Ran Po
Origin: Zegengai, Ritenkyo, Japan Flag 
Voiced by:note 
Ran Po, a short-tempered but mature-for-his-age orphan whose parents were victims of the violence that reigned over Riten Kyo. He was saved by the kind old man Daruma, who took Ran Po and another lost child, Minto, as his grandchildren. Ran Po and Minto get along very well and being the elder, he has taken it upon himself to protect Minto. Daruma, depressed by the current situation on Riten Kyo, orders his grandchildren to leave the island to find a more peaceful life. The problem with this however is that Minto has become lost and Ran Po must search the island so that the two can leave together.

Origin: Unfixed
Weapon: Kagechiyo note , a cane-concealed ''shikomizue''
Voiced by:note 
He is a care-free wanderer who was once a legendary duelist that single-handedly annihilated an infamous family. When he is in Ritenkyo, he acts as the surrogate parent of Ran Po and Minto. One day, as Daruma returns to Ritenkyo, he notices the deterioration of the town (violence, robbery and murder are everyday affairs) and resolves to assume his past identity to punish the root of the evil: the Three Blades of Dominion.

Weapon: Gokusaimaru note , an oversized nata (billhook)
Voiced by:note 
Mugenji is a homicidal murderer, driven insane with his abnormal obsession with beauty and butterflies. As a child, he was ostracized by his village for his unruly appearance, and driven to live alone in fields of flowers. A blind girl named Ocho (whose name means butterfly) willingly befriends him. One day, Ocho excitedly tells him that she will visit a doctor to gain her sight. For dubious reasons — implied to be his fear of her seeing what he looks like — he strangles her to death. Believing that he will be reborn into a butterfly, Mugenji traverses the land, killing anyone in his path.

    Tashon Mao
Origin: Qing Empire Flag  note 
Voiced by:note 
Tashon Mao hails from China and travels to perfect his warriors skills. He enters Ritenkyo in a foreign skiff, mistaking it for the Japanese mainland. He chanced to see a fairy sprite (Nakoruru) in the forest and instantly becomes obsessed with her. Jealous of any strangers who may steal her away, he fights to ward off visitors and "protects" Nakoruru.

Origin: Zegengai, Ritenkyo, Japan Flag 
Weapon: Momiji no Neko Tsuchi note , a hammer
Voiced by:note 
She is an orphan raised in the streets of Ritenkyo and the younger adopted sister to Ran Po. Like her brother, Minto is a wild child who was raised without moral discipline and proper etiquette. Her natural curiosity lead her to befriend some of the orphans around Ritenkyo, one of whom is Mario. He is a sort of an inventor who created Minto's weapon as a present for her.

Voiced by:note 
She is Shiki and Shadow Asura's child, born at the end of Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage. Before she died, Shiki left her child with Nicotine Caffeine and his student, Haohmaru. As she grew over the years, Mikoto demonstrated inhuman abilities and skills. She adapts these powers into a powerful fighting style that corresponds with her dual personas, commonly dubbed as "Angel" and "Devil" respectively. This inner conflict occasionally materialized in the form of one white and black wing for each half. She uses her heavenly powers to conduct religious services and rituals in which she was revered as a religious symbol (shrine maiden).

Weapon(s): Gurenjin note , a katana
Voiced by:note 
He is the product of Asura merging with Shadow Asura. As a consequence of their fusion, Yuda retains no memory from either of the Asuras' previous lives. A somber individual, he carries out the orders given to him without question and acts as the heartless executioner to his victims. Yuda is assigned to a section of the Shogunate linked to the Three Blades of Ritenkyo. He is secretly promised the position of shogun if Oboro (Jigen Taishi) succeeds. If the plan fails, Yuda would be used as the political scapegoat to destroy evidence of Oboro's plot. His first mission is clearing out Ritenkyo.
  • Casting a Shadow: Substitutes Yaci and Mugenji's projectiles / poison / blood attacks for some sort of dark energy.
  • Composite Character: In-Universe. After defeating Yuga the Destroyer, Asura and Shadow Asura fused into one being, that is Yuda.
    • Also in his gameplay, Yuda shares his fighting style with Yaci and Mugenji. This style is based on the use of reversals, stuns and a projectile which will drain an opponent's lifebar throughout the match.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Like the two Asuras he's made from, he's an Anti-Hero / Anti-Villain. Personality-wise, Yuda is more aloof and emotionless rather than outright good or evil. He's also quite Tall, Dark, and Handsome.
  • Final Boss: For Mikoto and Oboro's Amazons.
  • Loss of Identity: As a consequence of their fusion, Yuda retains no memory from either Asuras' previous lives. A somber individual, he carries out the orders given to him without question and acts as the heartless executioner to his victims.
  • Meaningful Name: Translates as "falling into hell", but it's pronounced like "Judas". Also resembles "Yuga".
  • Moveset Clone: Of Yaci and/or Mugenji.
  • One-Winged Angel: A literal example.

Weapons: Jumokutō note  and Kinmetsusō note , a sword and spear pair
Voiced by:note 
Though he has a kind demeanor, he was once a ninja that was revered as much as Hanzo Hattori. He was forced to leave the clan after Hanzo defeats him in a duel. Hateful during his alienation, he learns dark magic and gathers several "cursed weapons". He devotes himself to the will of the earthly Buddha Jigen Taishi -who "protects" Ritenkyo- and spends twenty years plotting the government's downfall. During this time, he creates the "Three Blades of Domination" -or the Razor Trio- and trains an army of skilled amazons. He wants to assume the will of his benefactor and establish a new nation for the martial deity. He also hopes to avenge his disgrace caused by Hanzo.

    Iga Ninja
Weapon: a Ninjatō
Hattori Hanzo's personal squad. They are devoted to successfully complete Hanzo's assassination mission even if it costs them their own lives.
Voiced by:note 

Origin: Prison Gates, Ritenkyo, Japan Flag 
Weapon: a Suyari
Voiced by:note 
Government agents relocated at a garrison by Ritenkyo's Prison Gates, the port where the government brings all criminals and outcasts into the island. They work hard for salaries and future perspectives, even if it means working on a hellhole they want to get out from.

Origin: Ritenkyo, Japan Flag 
Voiced by:note 
Roving gangs of hoodlums at Ritenkyo with no particular allegiances other than their own selfish, short-term interests.

    Oboro's Amazons
Weapon: Mera note , a pair of ninjato
Voiced by:note 
An army of shrine maidens lead by Oboro that live at Tengen Castle. They can turn into deadly killer squads at his whim.

Debuting in Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny

A warrior-in-training who was once saved by Haohmaru when his village was attacked by bandits. He was then taught by Haohmaru in swordplay, and like his idol, he travels the land in the hopes of improving himself. One day, he was saved by Suzuhime when he was swept ashore from his shipwrecked boat. Two months prior the events of the game, Suzuhime runs away from home, and he decides to find her. Though he finds it a bother, he agrees as the journey will also help him to improve his swordplay and his code of honour.

Origin: Kingdom of Lesphia Flag  note 
Voiced by: note 
She is the princess of a foreign country, orphaned when her parents' ship was attacked ten years prior to the events depicted in the game. She washed ashore on the beaches of Japan and was adopted by a daimyo who resides in Amori. One day, ten years later, she found Takechiyo along the shoreline of her home and nursed him back to health. After hearing that the ship he stowed away on collided with a ship bearing a particular crest, Suzuhime runs away from home two months before the game begins in order to pursue Golba.
  • BFS: Her sword is quite huge, especially for a petite 14 year old.
  • Damsel in Distress: Most of the stories for the other characters have them needing to save Suzu after she's kidnapped by Golba's Mooks, although it's because Golba needs her and her sword as symbolic claims to the Lesphian throne, rather than the stereotypical reasons for kidnapping damsels. Subverted to Hell and BACK in her story mode where she plows through Golba, his henchmen, and anybody else who got in her way like tissue paper.
  • Fictional Country: The Princess of one. Quite why on earth the game's producers decided to create a completely fictional homeland for her, when this is something the game has never included before, AND the fact that there were (still are!) a plethora of small, European kingdoms and principalities to choose from, remains a mystery. "Lesphia" is a complete fabrication — all we know is that it's a European monarchy of some sort.
  • Huge Gun Tiny Girl: The size of Suzu's weapon is emphasized more by how comparatively small she is, compared to both her weapon, and to the rest of the cast.
  • Kill the Cutie: Is a cute 14-year-old girl who can be brutally decapitated and lose limbs, resulting in her bloody death.
  • Meaningful Name: She's the "Bell Princess" (any name with "hime" included is princess-something/something-princess). The birth-name she bore before being castaway in Japan is unknown.
  • Musical Assassin: Her other weapon is a flute.
  • Panty Shot: Happens frequently, but very noticeable when she gets decapitated. When her headless body falls, the camera pans to a shot that shows her white panties (red outfit) or light pink panties (blue outfit).
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Is only 14, and is about the same size as Nakoruru or Rimururu: she packs WAY more damage than those two (and on par with some of the larger members of the cast), thanks to her handy-dandy BFS.
  • Princess in Rags: Was raised as royalty in Europe, but on a sea voyage, her parents' ship was attacked and destroyed, and she ended up washing up on the shores of Japan.
  • Rescue Romance: Genderflipped, as she's the one who saved Takechiyo in his backstory. Double Subverted in Takechiyo's story mode, as his motivation is to Save the Princess after she's kidnapped by Golba. Even in Suzu's story mode (where she naturally doesn't need the rescuing), Takechiyo invokes this trope, promising to help Suzu if she needs him.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Well, in her storymode, at least. The others have her kidnapped by Golba so she and her sword would give him political legitimacy for the Lesphian throne.
  • Ship Tease: With Takechiyo.

Origin: Constantinople, Ottoman Empire Flag  note 
She was raised as an assassin by an unknown organization. She tried to flee but was allowed to live by pursuers from the same organisation. To ensure her safety and her possible freedom, Angelica is given two missions: to bring Suzuhime and a treasured sword back to them and to find a worthy samurai successor for their leader. She obeys, but is reluctant to leave their leader's side.

    Kim Hae-Ryeong
Origin: Kingdom of Joseon Flag  note 
Hae-Ryeong is a Korean warrior who has defeated many evil doers in the name of justice. He travels to Japan as an emissary where he witnesses Angelica killing an assassin. He decides to go after her, sensing the great evil surrounding her. In his ending, he spots her but realizes that she no longer has a killing intent. Convinced that people can change for the better, Hae-Ryen leaves her alone and proceeds on his journey.

Origin - Norway, Kingdom of Denmark Flag  note 
Weapon: Battle axe
He is the leader of a band of honorable vikings who sail the seas looking for adventure and treasure. Many years prior to the game, his wife, Agnes, left on a trip to another country and never returned home. Hearing that a woman resembling her was found somewhere in Japan, he departs with his comrades to look for her. In his ending, he doesn't find, her yet hasn't lost hope that she is still out there.
  • An Axe to Grind: Carries a battle-ax as his weapon of choice.
  • The Big Guy: This dude can easily rival Wanfu in the sheer weight department!
  • Horny Vikings: Yes, really. In the 1790s — an utterly ludicrous contrivance, since the Viking peoples lived around 800 years prior to the 1790s.
  • Mighty Glacier: Is by far one of the slowest of the roster, but can dish out plenty of hits.
  • Moveset Clone: Of Wan-Fu and/or Walter, although he uses his belly and head more than them.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": "Garros" isn't a Nordic name, though perhaps the kanji, when said phonetically, was meant to be translated as "Gareth", which is marginally more realistic.

Origin: Kingdom of Lesphia Flag  note 
Weapon: Elvis, a katana
10 years prior to the events of the game, J. was an unfortunate sailor who washed up the shores of Japan. To survive, he learns to wield a blade and lovingly names his sword Elvis. He eventually meets and falls in love with a geisha and tries to buy her freedom without much success. Hearing of a reward for detailing the whereabouts of Suzuhime, he sets out in search of her.

Origin: Mondschein Drache Empire Flag  note 
Weapons: Bastard sword and shield
Walter is a knight of the Mondschein Drache Empire and member of the Crimson Lion Knights like Neinhalt Sieger. After hearing that his home maybe soon invaded by a new threat, he leaves his home to investigate.
  • Fictional Country: The "Mondschein Drache Empire" is pure fiction, but it's a close allusion to the real-world Holy Roman Empire. He's even stated to be a member of the (Prussian) Crimson Lion Knights alongside Neinhalt Sieger.
  • Knight Templar: Literally, although a genuinely noble one.
  • Meaningful Name: Germanic name that roughly translates to "army ruler.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Embodies this when fighting for the Mondschein Drache Empire.
  • Moveset Clone: Of Wan-Fu and/or Garros, although he doesn't attack with his body as the other two.
  • Not So Different: Realizes that Golba was just as patriotic to the nation of Lesphia after defeating him in his story mode.

    Jinbei Sugamata
Origin: Amori Domain, Japan Flag 
Jinbei was a retired warrior, until one day, he rescued Suzuhime from the sea. He raised her until she met Takechiyo and ran away. Jinbei now searches for her.

    Black Hawk
Origin: Spanish Florida, New Spain Flag  note 
Black Hawk is a Native American whose father was killed during the Independence War. Seeking revenge, he consults the shaman of his tribe who tells him to head east to fulfil his destiny.

Origin - Kingdom of Spain Flag  note 
Weapon: Masquerade note , a rapier
Kirian is a skilled torero who met Charlotte after one of his bullfighting events. He becomes intrigued by her when their encounter is interrupted by a hired man sent to end her life. He then decides to follow her, wanting to see for himself why she was assaulted.

Origin: Kingdom of Lesphia Flag  note 
He is a guard from a foreign kingdom who was washed ashore Japan with Suzu ten years before the game begins. Realizing that they may never see their home again and suffering under amnesia, he adopts the land's culture and trains himself in kendo with a respectable monk.

Origin: United States Flag  note 
Weapon: Winchester Rifle (Draco claims that you'll get to know its name when you meet him)
Draco is a Western outlaw, a hired gunman and bodyguard who takes his jobs in stride. In the past, he took the lives of many men for a sound sum of gold; one of his victims was Galford's father. He was recently hired by Golba to eliminate any possible threats that come to the foreign ships stationed at Japan.

Origin: Kingdom of Lesphia Flag  note 
Weapon: Rapier
Voiced by: note 
Golba was one of the sons of Lesphia's king. He had attempted a coup d'etat after his brother became the chosen to be the rightful heir. After he failed, he was sent into exile and came to America. He joined and became an officer in the American army and eventually became a veteran of the Independence War. His participation in this war made him believe that creation of such powerful nation can become a threat to Europe. Desiring to protect his country and strengthen its military force, he seeks to conquer all of Europe.Due to the comrades he made during the war, he has personal and influential connections around the world. During this time, he formed an assassin organization of which Angelica is a member. He uses this group to kill his niece's parents during their sea voyage in an attempt to claim Suzu's sword, a symbol of one's right to rule Lesphia. Unable to obtain it, he returns to America to use his military connections to weaken countries around the world and schemes to possibly use Suzu as a bargaining chip against his homeland. Seeking a strong military commander to rule his Lesphia army, he opted to recruit and lure certain strong warriors as well.


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