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Characters of Project Sunset include:

    The Sunset Crew 

Aki "Mick" Mikoto

Aki "Mick" Mikoto has served the Kyoto Police Department since she graduated high school at the age of 17. Over her 13 years in the force, she was given the chance to join a special INTERPOL task force specifically handling Mythics and other supernatural occurrences the world over. She is currently in San Francisco, California where she meets famed rapper, Meddle Crow and gets a job offer as a PR representative of his night club Ragna-Rack. Though mostly outgoing and perky, Mick isn't one to talk about her past experiences as well as her nature as a Mythic. Aki's matron goddess is Heqet and carries the traits of an Ishikawa's frog.


  • Cute Bruiser: Aki specializes in Wing Chun, a variation of kung fu that focuses on quick strikes and redirecting enemy strikes.
  • Hidden Depths: Though she tries to keep her head up, Aki suffers from PTSD after being killed by a member of the Aizukotetsu-kai federation. Even after she comes back as a Mythic by Heqet's will, Aki still suffers from night terrors, depression, and the general feeling of not being in control.
  • Rookie Red Ranger: Aki is the youngest member of the Sunset Crew and was nominated the leadership position after settling a dispute between the founding members.

Meddle Crow AKA Theodore Able Johnson

The 36-year-old, self proclaimed "King of San Francisco", Meddle Crow is one of hip hop's greatest musicians. Usually accompanied my his best friends and bouncers, Biggs and Wedge, he encounters Aki shortly after she lands and offers her a job at his night club, Ragna-Rack. Though cocky and boastful, sporting blinged out shark tooth grills and a golden Megalodon shark tooth around his neck, he's also kind at heart and is willing to give anyone a helping hand. Crow's patron god is Njord and carries traits of the pelagic thresher shark.


  • Berserk Button: Do not under any circumstances poke fun of his bling. To insult his bling is to insult the god that brought him back!
  • Hidden Depths: Underneath his brawny physique and bravado, Crow sees the best in Mythics and offers them employment when it's needed. He later grows much more in touch with his feminine side than most would initially thought. Despite his better nature, he also has suffered depression and a bad case of alcoholism after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship and previously died of alcohol poisoning, resulting in his current state. Although he harbors feelings for Samirah, he fears of the possibility of getting hurt again.
  • In-Series Nickname: He is normally referred to as "Crow" for the most part, whereas those closer to him will call him Theo or Theodore.
  • Stealth Pun: Crow's real name is Theodore Abel Johnson and he hates it.

Malcolm Somerset

The self proclaimed leader of the Sunset Crew and an infamous gentleman thief at 42, Malcolm is encountered by Aki after running into her and costing him a tip on a valuable mark. To repay him, Aki has been conscripted to being his apprentice and stealing a valuable painting for him. Though he carries an air of the suave gentleman and superiority, Trilby is insincere about his feelings and has to always prove a point. Malcolm's patron god is Anubis and carries his jackal-like appearance.


Irving Merewitz

Dr. Irving Merewitz is the medic for the team albeit an deranged one. Aside from his medical and pharmaceutical prowess, his true passion is constructing weapons of mass destruction and everything that goes boom. He runs a clinic made for Mythics, making it a virtual paradise for those in need of assistance. At least so it seems. In truth, Irving's medications have a side effect where he can probe into his patient's mind to obtain all knowledge about them, especially their abilities and weaknesses. Irving's matron goddess is Tiamat and is a purple kobold.

Maximillion "Max" Cay