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Color Gods



  • Badass Adorable: Regardless of being over ten feet tall, VantaRat’s fluffy appearance, sparkly bow tie, and wide-eyed earnest face makes her read more as a giant lapdog than the wolf she actually is. When her friends or innocents are in danger, Vanta doesn’t hesitate to leap into the fray with a warhammer almost as big as she is.
  • Guile Hero: Though she may not appear so on the surface due to her goofy, puppy-dog personality, VantaRat is very much a Guile Hero. She is wickedly smart, though her Achille's heel will always be her righteousness and loyalty to her friends.
  • Power of the Void: VantaRat, being the absence of color, has abilities pertaining to the void and concept of absence, the darkness between stars. Her existence itself is a black hole, allowing her to remove things from the universe- even concepts and metaphysical entities. Fortunately, she can also bring the things she takes in back out.




  • Bad Ass Pacifist: MoonRat, despite his surly disposition, is a healer who believes that the ongoing territory feuds and general violent nature of the Color Pantheon is paving the road to the Serpent's victory- and thus their complete annihilation. As such, he has vowed to never hurt another living soul, winning the battles that find him with words and patience. This is not to say, however, that he is of a neutral standing.





Vybrance Academy

     Class of XX17  

Colvin Seele

  • Badass Adorable: Though an uncommon trope in self-assured, confident characters, Colvin’s earnestness, innocent curiosity, and excitement over the things and people he loves firmly lands him in the adorable character category. Being Adorkable also helps. The badass part comes in with Colvin not only having intelligence boosted be an eldritch-powered brain, but an innate understanding of magic and how to manipulate it as if playing an instrument. He even knows how to write spells, though he’s unaware that this is him messing with the base code of the universe itself.


Orpheus Gaumond

  • Badass Teacher: Orpheus Gaumond is the perpetually tired Homeroom teacher of the protagonist class (XX17); notable for their zombie-like appearance, dry sense of humor, and merciless classes. They’re a mancer of Eigengrua, one of the Death Gods and ruler of the Netherealm (a state between existence and non-existence). Orpheus’ signature move is to appear quite literally out of the darkness, supplemented by their Death Glare™️. As unceremonious and blunt as they are, Orpheus’ care for their students is unmistakable, and to hurt one of them is to invite their wrath upon you. Only Orpheus gets to call their students “brats”.
  • Death Glare: The signature move of Orpheus when they’re finally at the limit of shenanigans they can take. And that limit is very high.


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