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Color Mischief X is an open-world sandbox story created by a writer known as Eldritchcore. With a closed community of more than twenty people, the story and its lore is developed through visual art, writing, and roleplay.

Taking place in Dimension One of the Sidereus Universe, Color Mischief X follows two different stories. One side of the tale takes place in the godly realm of the Palette, where ancient gods known as the Color Pantheon engage in soap opera levels of drama as they battle for territory. Recently, things were shaken up as several new players were introduced to the board- players that theoretically shouldn't even exist. With BleachedRat (white) beginning his path to the destruction of all colors, VantaRat (black) working against him in a sibling rivalry of divine proportions, and an unknown entity theorized to be GrayRat stealing memories and transforming Colors into grayscaled revenants, that is only the tip of the plot iceberg. Seeing as the god who created everything, Rattacus, is out of the picture due to keeping Apocalypse Incarnate in her prison, it's up to the Color Gods to not only keep themselves safe from the monsters, but also their people on Xierus- leading to the other side of the tale.

Down on Xierus, Color Mischief X follows the young mancers of Vybrance Youth Academy as they not only learn to battle the forces of evil with magic gifted by the gods, but also deal with interpersonal drama, identity crises, and the rigors of school in general. Learning to be a defender of humanity is no easy task, especially for a bunch of 15 year olds. Centered on Orpheus Gaumond's Class of XX17, having a classmate whose soul is host to a fragment of a god's conscious leads to a continuous trial of monsters, angst, and general existential weirdness. But Gaumond's class have found family in one another, and together, can weather anything thrown at them.

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     Color Mischief X contains examples of: 

  • Adventure Towns: Both sides of the story involve lots of travel, investigations, and exploration into new territories. On the Palette, the characters regularly travel between the different Color Group kingdoms. Down on Xierus, the Vybrance Academy students frequently take fun field trips to go monster hunting, as well has having various non-teacher mancers visit the school to give lessons.

  • Color-Coded Characters: Taken to the extreme and a main part of the story's style. Color Rats are sentient colors whose color palette is entirely monochromatic, while mancers have the eye color of and wear clothing that matches their patron god.

  • Color-Coded Elements: Elemental magic can only be wielded by the colors associated with it. A Blue Group rat or mancer would not be able to use fire, for example. Divinity and pure magic is universally symbolized by metallic gold.

  • Color Contrast: The two primary opposing teams of Bleached and Vanta use the colors white and black respectively. Additionally, the Serpent's color palette is an inversion of Rattacus' own golden palette.

  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Separated by Color Groups, the Color Gods typically follow their real-world color meaning. YellowRat and the other yellow colors, for example, are perceptive and cheery, while BlueRat and the blue colors are often aquatic in nature and somber. Down on Xierus, mancers' eye colors correspond to the god they serve, and they commonly wear clothing of the same hue. BleachedRat and the bleachedmancers are distinguished as antagonists by their pure-white color palettes, the "color of evil" in this universe.

  • Colourful Theme Naming: Color Rats are all named by what color they embody, followed by -Rat. Ei: BlueRat, MajestyVioletRat, SilverRat, etc. Additionally, magic user types are distinguished by the name of their patron and then -mancer, though this is shortened in the case of long names. Ei: a mancer of MajestyVioletRat being shortened to majestymancer.

  • Eldritch Abomination: Though the Color Gods are primarily seen through a mortal lens so as to make it easier to write their story, they are in fact ancient cosmic horrors. After all, they are sentient embodiments of colors, powerful entities who rule over a variety of domains, most of them metaphysical, and make up the known (and unknown) universe in a variety of ways. Their true forms and way of thinking do not align in the slightest to mortal perception, being wavelengths of primordial energy, and this side of them is more easily seen when looking from the perspective of the Xierians. As such, Adorable Abomination and Animalistic Abomination comes into play.

  • Good Colors, Evil Colors: BleachedRat and the majority of the White Color Group represent evil, while VantaRat and the majority of the Black Color Group represents good. There are of course a few exceptions to the rule.

  • Ret-Gone: Occurs when a Color Rat is Grayscaled. Though they are technically not wiped from existence, they are at the same time, becoming a completely desaturated version of theirself; all of their memories are lost and personality reset, their previous color replaced by their new gray tone throughout all of time and space. Memories involving them are wiped as well, save for the rare chance a highly emotional one survives as deja vu. Mancers may be effected as well.

  • Schrödinger's Gun: Eldritchcore knows just as much about what's happening as the other writers do; they may have a lot of information written down, but no one said that it's in order nor organized.

  • The Sacred Darkness: While the CMXverse follows traditional color meaning and symbolism, that trope is subverted by the switching of the moral connotations of black and white, thus bringing in The Sacred Darkness trope. The color black and the things associated with it represents good, while white and its symbolisms represent evil.

  • The Team: A core trope of the CMXverse. Most notable are Vanta's Mischief and Gaumond's Class of XX17.

     CMX: Palette contains examples of: 

  • Single-Palette Town: Each Color Groups kingdom / territory is completely monochromatic to the color that owns it. You won't find any shades of red in the kingdom of the Green rats.

     CMX: Vybrance Academy contains examples of: 

  • Academy of Adventure: Vybrance Academy is a dorm school where prospective mancers from the ages of 15 to 20 learn to channel their patron god, battle against the forces of evil, perform all manners of spells and magic, and more. Not only do you have a bunch of stressed teenagers, but these stressed teenagers are capable of powerful magic. The school is notorious for its intensive, personal teaching style, though it has turned out some of the most talented mancers in the entirety of Xierus throughout its long history. Fantastical beasts of both malicious and benevolent natures walk the grounds, the school building itself is most likely sentient, and all the teachers are powerful magic wielders with questionable personalities. All in all, a recipe for supernatural shenanigans.

  • Amazing Technicolor World: The planet of Xierus is rife with environments of unnatural colors, things glowing that should not be glowing, and patterns that in theory should never exist in nature.

  • Eye Colour Change: When a mancer discovers their patron and pledges theirself to them, their eye color changes to match that of their god's color.

  • Monster of the Week: The students regularly battle monsters such as zombies, vampires, demons, and other assorted homebrew beasties. Sometimes these monsters appear at the Academy, other times they are encountered on field trips.

The characters of CMX contain examples of:

     Color Gods 
  • Abusive Parents: The Serpent, aka Apocalypse Incarnate, raises Vanta and Bleached in a regularly healthy environment- until she purposely rips that away from them, terrorizing them both mentally and physically so as to groom them into mini Apocalypse Incarnates. Bleached, being the color of white (white light contains all colors), was created to consume the other Color Gods, while Vanta, being black and thus the absence of colors, was made to directly destroy the other Color Gods. As for the Adjustors, entities capable of possessing Color Rats and changing the properties of their color, she entirely neglected them and gave them no attention; additionally, The Serpent purposefully crafted the Adjustors in a way that prevented them from having a personal identity.

  • Manipulative Bastard: The essence of Bleached and the Serpent's characters; Though this trope also applies to several protagonists and anti-heroes, namely YellowRat and Heir.

  • The Chessmaster: Or in this case, Chessmasters. Rattacus and the Serpent, working for the forces of good and evil respectively, are the unseen (for the most part) influencers in the events that not only kick the story off, but continuously effect is as it goes on. While the Serpent is a blatant antagonist, Rattacus' present-day role is a lot more ambiguous. No one is entirely sure just what he's been up to lately, but it is presumed he has everyone's best interests in mind. Rattacus and the Serpent, like the latter's children Vanta and Bleached, are constantly engaged in a Battle of Wits.