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Characters / Children Of The Red King Other Notable Ancestors

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Children of the Red King

     Roland Yewbeam 

Roland Yewbeam

Otus and Amoret's son. He is the direct ancestor of the Yewbeams.



Amadis' youngest son and only survivor of the fire in the Castle of Mirrors. He could talk to animals. He is the ancestor of the Ravens and Crowquills.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His entire family was killed when Borlath set fire to the castle on the Island of a Thousand Blues.
  • Sole Survivor: He was the only survivor of the fire that consumed the castle on the Island of a Thousand Blues. This is because he hid in a well deep enough to keep him safe from the flames and the smoke.
  • Talking To Animals: He had the ability to talk to animals.
  • Walking the Earth: After fleeing the Castle of Mirrors, he travelled around England with his uncle Tolomeo, searching for Otus and Roland Yewbeam. Much later, he travelled across Europe and settled in the Holy Roman Empire, where he started a family.


A powerful Welsh magician who lived during the time of the Red King. He is the ancestor of Charlie Bone and the Joneses.

     Skarpo the Sorcerer 


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