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Ask Piny Twilight is an Ask a Pony blog, though the creatures depicted are not exactly Ponies. In this world, Twilight is a "Piny", a strange, legless creature capable of detaching their limbs. Unfortunately, Twilight has lived a sheltered life as the daughter of royalty, never venturing outside the palace walls due to the Changeling War...but after a brief amount of time spent in a different world filled with ponies, Twilight might have to face new challenges when she returns home...


This Blog Provides Examples Of:

  • Crapsaccharine World: Twilight is certainly colourful and cheerful...but she has been sheltered, and the world as a whole has suffered from a long and strenuous war.
  • Crossover: Had a major one with the 'Ask Princess Twilight Sparkle' blog.
  • Floating Limbs: Common for all Pinies. Twilight, for example, does not have her hooves or wings attached to her body.
  • LEGO Body Parts: It is possible for Pinies to de-attach and swap around their limbs.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Trixie thinks she accidentally vaporized Twilight (she actually teleported her to an alternate universe), and reacts this way. Notably, she normally acts like a complete Jerkass to her cousin.
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