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Awesome Music / Rhapsody of Fire

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Can we just say that anything that comes from Rhapsody of Fire is this? then...

  • "Wizard's Last Rhymes", which is only a goddamned full-throated symphonic metal version of the 4th movement of Dvorak's From the New World Symphony, which is already awesome.
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  • "Ad Infinitum" and "From Chaos To Eternity". "Ad Infinitum" is one long riff that is so demanding to play on guitar that they did it on Keyboard instead live, only to save the guitarists fingers a bit. And there are three separate guitar layers that all play perfectly tight. "From Chaos To Eternity" is just pure awesomeness as well, especially when played right after "Ad Infinitum".
  • Some of their longer songs such as "The Mystic Prophecy of the Demon Knight" and "Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness" give the listener orgasmic musical experiences whenever they are heard.
  • Their LP "The Cold Embrace of Fear – A Dark Romantic Symphony" is essentially an epic 35 minute song with surprises at every corner. In particular, "The Ancient Fires of Har-Kuun" has been stated by the band to be one of their most amazing songs ever!
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  • "Heroes of the Waterfall's" provides a 5 part finale to their Epic Fantasy saga and gives the story the grand scale that it deserved!
  • Their split-off band Luca Turilli's Rhapsody also has a flawless history of epic music. Notable examples are "Dark Fate of Atlantis" from their first album and "Prometheus" from their second.


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