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Headscratchers / Rhapsody of Fire

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Irengard Brothers: This bugs me. Warrior of Ice throws out a lyric, "March to hell, Irengard brothers," but in my 15 years of listening to Rhapsody, I've never figured out who are they talking about. Akron and Nekron don't really fit the bill, as Akron, to my knowledge, isn't a son of Kron, though Nekron is. If Akron was a son, they could technically be siblings, but then they'd have to be from the same mother or adopt the lastname Irengard in some capacity.


Plus the name is so normal for a story that throws out Algalord, Dargor, Khaas and Iras as names, and the line is definitely meant with spite.

So, who are the Irengard brothers?

  • He doesn't necessarily mean family but brothers in arms or countrymen from Irengard, where one of the four kings rules. He (possibly the king of Irengard, the warrior of ice, or more likely Harold the Brave since he's commanding the four armies) is directing them to march to free Algalord from the demons of the abyss.

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