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  • The double bass that opens "Sailing the Seas of Cheese".
  • The call-and-response vocals of "Sgt. Baker" (a live favorite, naturally).
  • The super catchy piccolo bass riff on "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver", especially after it appeared on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack.
  • The deep repeating double bass note that opens Primus and the Chocolate Factory's overture piece, "Hello Wonkites".
  • "Shake Hands with Beef", particularly the bass riff.
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  • "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver", a wacky half-innuendo half-jokey song about a Wynona's big brown beaver.
  • The slow boil of "Southbound Pachyderm".
  • "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" especially with the Devil's solo.
  • "Tommy the Cat", with special guest Tom Waits! Waits' charismatic storytelling Motor Mouth is backed by some of the best instrumental performances the band has to offer, and it's a golden combination.
  • With its measured, harrowing instrumentation, equally sobering lyrics and unsettling vocal deliveries from Martina Topley-Bird, Waits and of course Les, "Coattails of a Dead Man" off Antipop is a sterling gem.

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