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  • The show's production manager uploaded instrumental versions of the entire soundtrack here. Have fun with karaoke!
  • "You and Me and Pokemon" is a fun, upbeat song and has every single Pokemon the show made come out to dance with the human cast.
  • Giovanni's song "It Will All Be Mine," featuring a performance by Darren Dunstan—who would later VA Pegasus in Yu-Gi-Oh!—and marching Rocket Grunts. Jessie and James also recite their motto and make it sound threatening.
    • The short reprise of it is just as cool, especially the ending.
  • "My Best Friends" is sung by Ash, Misty, and Brock as they talk about how their friendship will never end, no matter what.
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  • "Everything Changes" has wonderful dancing and is a duet between Delia and Professor Oak. The production manager listed it as his favorite song.
  • Giovanni's reprise of "Everything Changes," which takes a beautiful song and twists it to something sinister.
  • "Misty's Song" is even sweeter/sadder than the 2BA Master version.
  • "The Best at Being the Worst" is a funny tango between Jessie, James, and Meowth as they lament their constant failure.
  • Giovanni's reprise of "You and Me and Pokemon," detailing how, once he defeats Pikachu, the world will fall before his might.
    One more/Won't be much longer til my/plan is complete! One fight/Then after that/You'll all be at my feet!
  • "Double Trouble" and its reprise, while different from the full-length Image Song version, are cool in their own right-particularly the break between verses.
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  • "You Just Can't Win." When MechaMew2 defeats Pikachu, Ash tries to fight Giovanni himself. With his fists. In song. Giovanni responds in kind.
  • The Finale is a medley of "You and Me and Pokemon" and "My Best Friends," starting out somberly and ending triumphantly.


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