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Tear Jerker / Pokémon Live!

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  • Delia's reluctance to watch Ash grow up can tug at the heartstrings of parents.
    Professor Oak: Would you really prefer Ash remain a little boy forever?
    Delia: Part of me would. At least I'd know who that little boy is.
  • The first version of "Everything Changes" and its second reprise.
  • Delia's real reason for worrying about Ash isn't just because she's afraid of not knowing him, or even that she's worried about Team Rocket—it's that she used to date Giovanni and is scared of how he'll take the news. It's implied she worries he'll hate her like he does the rest of Team Rocket.
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  • As Giovanni orders the Rockets to take Delia and Professor Oak away, Delia cries "Please don't do this!"
  • The song "The Time Has Come" is sung by Ash as he laments Pikachu's disappearance.
  • "Misty's Song" is even sweeter/sadder than the 2BA Master version.
  • The song "I've Got A Secret". Misty and Delia hurt over not being able to tell Ash their respective secrets, while Ash prepares to move on from Pikachu's disappearance.
  • After Ash surrenders to Team Rocket and is taken to Giovanni, Delia blames herself and sings a sad reprise of "Everything Changes."
  • MechaMew2 gaining sentience and learning right from wrong, latching onto Giovanni, and blowing itself up.
    Giovanni: I didn't give you the power of speech!
    MechaMew2: You didn't give me a lot of things, but you did give me the ability to learn. And I have. From the boy, I've learned about love and goodness. His heart is pure. His love for Pokemon and his friends and family is real. I've learned right from wrong, and I've learned which one you are. Now I know what I must do. Something else I learned... Self Destruct.
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  • MechaMew2's story is quite sad. It was created as a replacement for the original Mewtwo and learned every move a Pokemon could know, but it wasn't given the ability to talk or even think on its own until Mewtwo showed it Ash's memories. And right after gaining sentience, it realized the only way to stop Giovanni from ruling the world was to blow itself up.
  • Ash's talk with his mom in the last scene is one of the heartwarming kind.
  • The Finale starts out somber at first before becoming triumphant.


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