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Awesome Music / Drawn to Life

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  • Wilfre's Wasteland's theme is pretty epic even for endgame standards.
  • Salem's theme is epic, compared to Wilfre's theme's more menacing tone.
  • The theme of the King and Queen. This being the Galactic Jungle, it has a very techno vibe to it, and it absolutely rocks it.
  • Lavasteam's theme, much like other tracks in the area, is pretty awesome.
  • How about the vocal songs? The ending song to the first game simply titled The End that plays after you beat the game is really good, and the sequel brings us Light of My Life and the other vocal ending song Real Life.
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  • The incredibly awesome final boss themes. The first one is a powerful rock/techno piece, while the second one is a slower, more intimidating remix. Both give the feeling of fighting a daunting foe in a battle to the death (even if it isn't so true in the second fight). Around the 2:20 mark, each goes into a short rift that leaves the player energized, but with a glimmer of fear.
  • A Rocket! It makes you feel like you're flying through space and discovering planets previously unexplored.


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