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All of their music is awesome, but here are some of the highlights:

  • "Family Of Strangers" was the very first song that the band ever wrote together, and what a way for them to burst into the music scene.
  • "Furious Fixation", a high-octane Shout-Out to Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • "Shut Up (You Miss Me)" is their poppiest song, and the fast beat, upbeat tune, and shouted chorus make it impossible not to dance along.
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  • "Daughter", an ode to badass women which features an electrifying solo from Alex.
  • The first single off Love Is Dead and We Killed Her, "Mark My Words", is enough to give the listener chills. The rage in Sydney's voice as she sings about someone who wronged her combined with the grungy guitar and bass and heavy drumming...holy shit.

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