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Awesome Music / Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time

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  • "STAND UP", sung by the same artists of the previous OP, may not be as much of a banger as the last one, but it makes up for that in catchiness! Plus it also gives a sense of ethereal mystery befitting the tone of the Digimon Hunt. The instrumental version that played during the next episode previews is even better, since it features the fabulous-sounding saxophone portion.
  • "Tagiru Chikara" (which can translate to either "Tagiru's Power" or "Boiling Power") is a serious contender for the rockiest song Digimon has ever produced. Besides being used during evolution-related moments of awesome as an insert song, it's sung by the one and only Psychic Lover of tokusatsu fame! It also has a live version.
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  • In episode 2, the original version of "We Are Xros Heart" from the previous arc makes its glorious return.
  • The jazz leitmotif that plays when Astamon makes his first appearance was immediately noticed by fans. Bonus points go to them for using musical stylings that are evocative of the earlier series.
  • Yuu and Damemon's theme, "Shining Dreamers", is used for the latter's evolution. It's just unfortunate that it was so underused in the show proper, because it's real good.
  • Nene's renditions of "New World" and "Stand Up" in episode 10 are pretty impressive.
  • Episode 14 brings back "Blazing Blue Flare" as Kiriha and ZekeGreymon lay the smack down on Volcdramon.
  • "Legend Xros Wars" is used for very few moments in the anime, but it is an epic tribute to all the seasons of Digimon at that point, featuring references to all five of the Japanese openings from all the previous series in its lyrics. And even then, the moments it is used for are all fun rides anyways, especially when all the heroic leaders unite to lay waste to Quartzmon's army of VenomVamdemon and BelialVamdemon. "We are legend heroes" indeed.


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