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  • Rochelle pulling off a Big Damn Heroes moment when Kyoko, hearing of Mami's death pretty much gave up on everything and just sat there as another Magic Girl named Ayase was about to steal her soul gem. Cue Rochelle jumping in, punching Ayase in the gut and giving Kyoko a speech Rochelle had been on the receiving end of from Kyoko earlier that day.
  • The ambush in Loop 7 against Napalm. Sure, it didn't go as planned, but Hitomi using her time turner to witness herself being shot and still managing to have enough courage to smash a piece of metal into Napalm's head was pretty amazing. And then, to avoid a Time Paradox, she went back in time and let herself be shot in the head.
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  • One gangster held out against familiars in Loop 7. According to Chibi, he made some hilariously lucky rolls and was pretty much cutting down familars left and right before Rochelle and Kyoko arrived.
  • Rochelle's ability to shrug off her heart being ripped out and being pinned to the wall when Kyoko's gone crazy due to Grief addictionand clean her soul gem while doing a World of Cardboard monologue that she doesn't need her heart to live, Yeah
  • Rochelle's determination to get everyone a happy ending. Screw Napalm and her pessimistic 'can only save one person' philosophy.

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