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White Rain has a lot of awesome moments, and most of them aren't ninja battles and flashy jutsu.

  • The exhibition bout between Naruto and Sasuke is an awesome moment for both of them.
  • Itachi (junior) learning the way of the shinobi much faster than anyone ever expected.
  • Team Four keeping their wits together despite their mission turning into a minor clusterfuck.
  • Chapter 15 has quite a lot of them.
    • Lucia using Sachio's mistrust of her to build up her reputation in the eyes of the village, fix her son's genin squad, and get him to pay attention to his daughter outside of training.
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    • Itachi (junior) showing his maneuverability in the obstacle course.
    • Lucia's interview with Ibiki in Chapter 15, where the interrogator uses her own methods against her. We also discover a lot of Lucia and Itachi (senior)'s past through this interview as well.
    • Naruto leaping to the conclusion that Sakura is pregnant.
  • Rina teaching her older brother the Chidori.
  • Itachi (junior) activating the Sharingan for the very first time.
  • Yukio and Rina. He manages to track Rina down despite being hit with a genjutsu, while she manages to distract her captors long enough for him to escape. What does she use? The Chidori.
  • Sasuke going off on his own to try and rescue Rina. And then Naruto catches up to him via Flying Thunder God Technique, and talks him out of it.
  • Uzumaki freaking Naruto, the freaking Hokage, rallying Konoha. When he says "These Higher Houses have awakened the Will of Fire", you know shit is gonna get real.
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  • Hatake Kakashi teaching Itachi (Jr.) the subtleties of the Chidori.
  • At the climax of Chapter 22, Sasuke calls on his own version of The Will of Fire and casts Amaterasu on the Village Hidden in the Grass.
    • And then he one-ups himself by cutting out all the red tape and reducing the Big Bad Marnix into ashes with one shot of Amaterasu.
  • Rina using auditory-based genjutsu to try and break out of captivity. It succeeds, somewhat.
  • Itachi finding out that his damaged eye can see when his Sharingan activated automatically.
  • Naruto's been holding back during the whole skirmish on account of trying to prevent all out war. Then he learns of just what the Grass's situation is and gets serious. It's described at least twice as Naruto flooding the area with an army of himself.
  • Rina finally gets to play the composition she finished and moves all of Konoha to emotional applause. Also, no one is affected by the music more than her uncle Sasuke.


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