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  • As Naruto is discussing with his trusted advisers what to do about the Grass, he gets into this conversation with Shikimaru that's kinda funny whether you know about his cloning powers or not. It goes something along these lines:
    Naruto: I'm going with Sasuke.
    Shikimaru: You can't go with Sasuke. As Hokage you have to stay here and run the Village.
    Naruto: Right. And I'm going with Sasuke.
    Shikimaru: Fine. Okay. You can stay in the village and go with Sasuke."
    Naruto: I'm going with the other group, too.
    Shikimaru: (Facepalm) Of course you are.
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  • After Amaya and Haro smooth over their relationship problems, she tells him that Lucia has invited them to dinner. Haro's reaction: "Am I supposed to dress up?"

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