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  • One little six-year-old (or thereabouts) female gymnast was doing a very basic vault routine and fell on her behind. She got right back up, didn't even cry, and kept going. The judges all agreed that getting right back up earned her points — not enough to win, sadly, but she got second if memory serves.
    • Plus, she was one of the few well-adjusted girls on the show: she was old enough to understand what pageants were and actually wanted to do them, her talent was a real talent (gymnastics, basic or not, take a good deal of practice and effort to pull off) instead of just dancing around, and she never pitched a fit (that we saw).
  • Brock and his mom, especially when his mom says that anyone who doesn't understand Brock (who loves pageants, dancing, and all things sparkly) doesn't need to be in his life.
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  • Mr. Sterling proving he is a good parent (at least compared to the other parents) by actually disciplining Breanne (aka Mommy's Favorite) when she pitched a tantrum by pulling her out of the show.


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